When the going gets tough, the tough get a trainer. We were lucky to sit down with Geoffrey Cann, Author, Trainer, and Speaker. His book Bits, Bytes and Barrels is an Amazon best of category seller. What makes Geoffrey different from others that is his ability to take the complex issues and translate to applicable, real world, scenarios.  This ability is based partly on his experience in the real world, and partly on his talents as a speaker.

Michael and myself had fun talking about his career as an author, trainer and speaker.  He has been able to provide online training, and can customize the training to individual corporations. Training is needed now in this tough time we call 2020. 

Geoffrey, thanks for stopping by, Michael and I had a blast. 

About Geoffrey Cann

Geoffery Cann

Author, Trainer, Speaker

Former partner with one of the Big 4 consulting firms, I have over 30 years of experience advising the oil and gas, energy and technology companies to help create lasting value. My clients include very large integrated oil companies, downstream petroleum refiners and marketers, pipeline companies, fracking services, drilling and completions services, logistics, LNG projects, and many more. Most of my work over 3 decades has been at the intersection of a business problem and a technology solution, and since 2013, the impacts of digital technologies and the oil and gas industry.

As a partner, I became a global instructor of the firm’s courseware. In that role, I taught new recruits how the consulting industry worked, the key skills of successful consultants, and the tools and methods to apply on the job. I led course delivery in the classroom in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, and Spain. Today, I provide digital awareness training based on my book.

In addition, I teach regularly at the MBA level on energy issues, and am widely sought after as a public speaker and commentator on issues facing the industry. My events page provides an indication of the many speaking engagements, panel discussions and key note addresses that I have delivered in the recent past. I publish the #1 ranked website and podcast on digital oil and gas, and I am routinely described as a thought leader on digital topics facing the industry.


Recent low prices, rapidly growing alternative fuels like renewables, the permanent swing from peak oil to super abundance, shifting consumer preferences, and global pressures to decarbonize suggest a challenged industry for the foreseeable future. Digital advances offer ways to lower costs of production, improve the productivity of the industry, reduce carbon emissions, lower the energy intensity of industry, and regain public confidence. Await-and-see attitude to digital innovation has failed many industries already, and the leaders of the oil and gas industry urgently seek guidance on how digital both disrupts and enhances their industry.

Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas sets out the reasons why adoption is slow, describes the size and scale of both the opportunity and the threat from digital, identifies the key digital technologies and the role that they play in a digital future, and recommends a set of actions for leaders to take to accelerate the adoption of digital in the business.

Written from an independent and expert perspective, Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas addresses the impacts of digital across the breadth of the industry—from onshore to offshore, from upstream to midstream to integrated—and outlines a roadmap to help the decision-makers at all levels of the industry take meaningful action toward promising and rewarding digital adoption.

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  • Lafarge Cement
  • Burnco
  • Logicam


  • Australia Department of Defence
  • State Government of Montana
  • Department of Agriculture
  • CIty of Calgary
  • Port Metro Vancouver
  • Supply and Services
  • Public Works Canada
  • Treasury Board Secretariat


  • Goldman Sachs
  • Fortress


  • Teck Coal
  • Grande Cache Coal

Oil and Gas

  • Irving Oil
  • Suncor
  • Shell Canada
  • Husky Energy
  • Canadian Natural Resources
  • North Atlantic Refining
  • Korea National Oil Company
  • Encana
  • Talisman Energy
  • Arrow Energy
  • Origin Energy
  • Albian Sands
  • Devon Canada
  • NorthWest Upgrading
  • Nicks Gas Storage


  • Enbridge Energy
  • TransCanada Pipelines
  • ATCO
  • BC Hydro
  • BC Gas
  • Utilicorp
  • Saskpower


  • CE Franklin
  • Pacific Western Transportation
  • Bredero Shaw
  • Exact Mining
  • Precision Drilling
  • Calfrac
  • Hastings Deerin

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