I have to admit that was not prepared for the emotional impact that the documentary "A Stranded Nation"' produced by Hedi Mckilop, had left me with after watching.  This documentary is an excellent look into the energy sector in Canada, and the impact of the environmental and political movements. 

Hedi is the Director  / Producer for the documentary and completed the entire project out of a commitment to Canada rather than making a profit. It is evident that Hedi loves Canada and has nothing but the best for the Canadian people at heart.

We as United States citizens need to take some lessons from Canada on the environmental impact procedures in the energy space. Now if we could only listen and do more trade with each other rather than the other world energy powers, our two countries would benefit. I do not think OPEC+ cares about the Untied States like our Canadian neighbor. Lets start North America Petroleum Countries (NAPC) and trade with Mexico and Canada for our different blends of oil and natural resources. 

We are looking forward to future projects from Hedi, and please subscribe to her podcast "A Stranded Nation".

About Hedi McKillop 

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Hedi McKillop

Director / Producer

A Director/ Producer who is motivated in changing the negative public narrative of Canadian energy development. Highly passionate about pipeline development projects, our national economic interests, energy security, a competitive oil & gas sector and the benefits it provides to all Canadians. An enthusiastic professional who is a resourceful, dedicated and results-driven advocate in representing our Canadian Natural Resource sector.

The trailer for A Stranded Nation.

  • Canada's truly a leader in protecting people on the planet when it comes to natural resource production, and that's resource production across the country. 
  • When we think about beef, that's a natural resource farmed salmon, natural resource fishing, natural resource uranium for nuclear power.
  • We're a top producer in agriculture and is one of the world's breadbaskets. We help feed the world. 
  • You need about a hundred fifty tons of coal to make the steel for a single onshore wind farm
  • Alberta has helped  other Provence in Canada that have not been blessed with as much natural resources or income. 
  • The oil and gas industry spends more than any other industry in Canada protecting the environment. 

  • Heidi McKillop and Terry Etam bring you a new series about our stranded nation. We discuss Canada, Canadian energy, and Canada's soul-searching about it all.

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