The Oil & Gas industry has had a major reset on almost every front in 2020. From investors, access to capital, lowering CapEx, low oil prices, high supply, and no demand. For energy sector investors, it has been a blood bath. Watching Gladiator with Russel Crow gives you the same impression. 

In our conversation with Jay we cover his methodology to producing results for his clients. The process for an oil company to map out a plan, and deliver on the plan is unusual in our current market. I really enjoyed visiting with Jay about his book, podcast, and industry leadership. 

I would classify this interview as a need to watch, or listen to the podcast, for great new ideas on successful and proven investment strategies. 

Jay, it would be fun to stop by your podcast and check in - not that I am inviting myself. 

Thank you for stopping by, and I had an absolute blast! - Stu 

About Jay Young

Jay Young - King Operating - oilandgas360
Jay R. young

Founder and CEO

Jay R. Young is the Founder and CEO of King Operating Corporation, a privately-held, Dallas-based oil and gas operator who has a lifelong passion for the oil and gas business. His family has been in the business for over one hundred years.

Jay and his associates developed a unique method for the oil and gas business to acquire scalable assets in a proven field, utilize equity to start and debt to prove up the field and divest to a larger company.

Additionally, with over a decade in helping clients defer capital gains tax on appreciated real estate assets, Jay R. Young has the experience in utilizing oil and gas energy assets as replacement properties for tax deferred exchanges.

When he is not busy developing oil and gas projects, Jay hosts his own podcast, The Jay Young Show and is a new Forbes Book author with his recently published book, “The Upside of Oil & Gas Investing.”

Young graduated with a BBA degree from Angelo State University in 1985 and now serves its Foundation Board. He participates in local and national philanthropic organizations, such as the Executive Board of Directors for Circle Ten Council (Boy Scouts of America) and The Alzheimer’s Association North Texas Chapter.

Complimenting his professional endeavors, his wife Michelle and four daughters represent focal points in his life pursuits. An avid Texas Rangers fan and former partial-owner, Mr. Young has fond memories of the MLB team’s run for the World Series in 2010 and 2011.

King operating company

King Operating Corporation has revolutionized oil and gas investing by creating a unique business model integrated into our sponsored program offerings. With targeted investment timelines, scalability, income tax advantages, and most importantly, multiple possible exit strategies, the structure of our sponsored programs may provide a multiple profit potential on invested capital in comparison to other traditional oil and gas industry sponsors.

The oil and gas industry is old and is notoriously resistant to change. Author Jay Young wants to revolutionize it. In his book, The Upside of Oil and Gas Investing, Jay Young presents a new investment model for the oil and gas industry that represents a total change in the way much of the smaller, independent companies in the industry operate. He dissects the industry in detail, showing you the pitfalls investors can find themselves falling into when they sign onto a deal structured according to the old model. 

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