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The oil & gas companies are facing catastrophic times for the long term stability of their firms. Oil prices are not the only external factors putting the very existence of oil & gas companies at risk. Investors and consumers are demanding ESG that solutions are used in daily operations,  while more profits are delivered to the stakeholders.  

Jon Rogers, CEO, Locus Bio-Energy, Dan Genovese, Director, Enercom, and myself were able to sit down and cover the key concerns of stake holders in today's market. The Locus Bio-Energy products are designed from the ground up as HSE-friendly products that are 100% biodegradable, and low-toxicity. Well production can achieve 50 to 400% through the use of biosurfactant, and high-efficiency well stimulation treatments . These additive solutions improve production, while reducing the impact to the environment, are critical to corporate survival. 

Now here is the absolute cool part of this interview. The Texas Railroad Commission approved the products for a new 10-year H13 tax credit for the use of a green EOR technology. Jon was thrilled to announce that the approval just happened before the day before our interview. 

So, for the question "What is green, supports ESG, and has a 10 year tax deduction?", I think you can now guess who has the answer. Watch the interview with Jon for the details. 

About Locus Bio-Energy

Jon Rogers -oilandgas360

Jon Rogers

Chief Executive Officer

Jon has as a Global Oilfield Executive includes:

  • Eight Years’ Experience with a Supermajor (BP) Oil & Gas Organization. 
  • 15+Years Global Experience, leading Sales and Technology Organizations.
  • Directly managing global operations throughout 76 Countries with a team of 1400 Sales, R&D
  • MBA, BSc Chemistry and Fellow of the Prestigious UK Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) – Highest Level of Recognition.
  • Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)  
  • Member, National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).
  • Dual US / UK Nationality. 

The Future of
Production Technology

We’re dedicated to developing high-potency and low-toxicity biosurfactant treatments giving “Best-in-Class” performance while minimizing safety, environmental and spill concerns. These non-GMO, renewable solutions have never been used at scale in the oil industry to date.

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Significant increases in recoverable reserves and well production rates

The most effective surface-active agents in the oil industry

Green treatments with proven profits

AssurEOR STIM™ fills a market need for a cost-effective and high-efficiency well stimulation treatment. It has higher potency and efficacy than contemporary technologies, such as chemical surfactants, acid treatments or other methods.

Used after preflushing with AssurEOR FLOW, AssurEOR STIM is designed to increase oil and gas production by reducing interfacial tension and leaving the formation near the wellbore in a water-wet state. It helps to remove scale and organic deposits and increases oil permeability in the production zone resulting in oil production increases from 50-400%.

AssurEOR FLOW™ paraffin remediation treatments are specifically designed to remove paraffin buildup, disperse deposits and remove reservoir blockages that stress mechanical components and reduce production rates. When placed in contact with the producing formation, treatments return the reservoir to its “natural” water-wet state, resulting in increased oil and gas production.

AssurEOR FLOW is the only maintenance product that also increases production rates over baseline and recoverable reserves—meaning the treatments often pay for themselves. The HSE-friendly products are 100% biodegradable, low-toxicity and applied in the same manner as traditional well treatments.


HOUSTON (May 11, 2020) As operators scramble to cut costs, the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC)—which oversees all oil & gas operations in the state, including the top U.S. oil producing Permian Basin—voted to approve a new 10-year H13 tax credit for use of a green EOR technology.

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