There are conversations that everyone in 2020 has had that take several twists and turns, and today was one of those conversations. We had the privilege of sitting down with Mark P. Mills, author, speaker, and generally a nice guy. His resume, interviews, and industry leadership are truly remarkable. We could not decide on one title. "Is there a hidden cost to green energy?" and 'Ranting about reality" seemed to be both fitting for the interivew.

When conversations move to green energy, politics, or your favorite mother-in-law, the mood in the room changes causing me to look for a couch to hide behind. 

Mark was able to articulate a physics view of why the energy transition in the worldly view is all wrong. The data, facts, and physics are tough to deny. Armed with this interview, his books, articles, and other interviews, you too will be able to have a great conversation around the dinner table.

Mark thank you for stopping by, I had an absolute blast- Stu

The video and podcast are listed below, and check out his books on Amazon – Mark P Mills

About Mark Mills

Mark Mills

Strategic Partner, Cottonwood Venture Partners

  • Co-founder of CVP
  • Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
  • Co-founder of Digital Power Capital
  • Chairman & CTO of ICx Technologies
  • Author of Shale 2.0
  • BSc Honours, Queen’s University

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