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There is a misconception surrounding shutting in wells as it is not just turning a switch on or off. We were able to sit down with the experts from Premier Oilfield Group to talk about this complex problem. When wells are shut down just because storage is getting full, there needs to be a plan for the entire field. The ramifications can be catastrophic when the wells are brought back on line. The wells may not ever come back to production levels that are sustainable for profitable production.

Our conversation with Bilu Cherian, SVP Technology - Director Reservoir Solutions, and Frank Zamora, Sr Vice President was very enlightening. Dan Genovese, Director, EnerCom, and myself were actually surprised by some of the technical implications of shutting in wells.  

Corporations looking for the short turn solution with out a plan can cost the stakeholders their financial, and personal, assets. Use an experienced team who can create the plan with proven results.

 Key Takeaways 

  • Shutting in a well is not is as easy as turning a switch. There are many issues to consider including the parent /child relationship, volume, reservoir, decline curve, and even if the well can be brought back on line.
  • Many operators are facing shutting wells just because of storage capacity. This has potentially a huge economic impact.
  • Plans that can be prepared based upon actual data can help make decisions with the best possible outcomes. 
  • Premier Oilfield Group has data on over 200,000 wells, and over 240 million samples.

About Premier Oilfield Group

We believe the data-driven oil and gas industry is here, and that generating and sharing relevant data from rock and fluid samples is the key to more effective and efficient hydrocarbon development.

We’ve assembled world-class experts, facilities, and platforms to produce that data, make it readily accessible, and help our clients share it effectively.

We generate, aggregate, interpret, and deliver consistent, high-quality data that are of immediate value to oil and gas companies.

We have established new business models that facilitate cost-effective data generation through cost-sharing approaches, and that help groups of clients to solve common challenges through shared data workspaces. These new ways of doing business set Premier Oilfield Group apart from other testing-focused laboratories.

Bilu Cherian - Premier Oilfield Group -oilandgas360

Bilu Cherian

SVP Technology - Director Reservoir Solutions 

Frank Zamora - Premier Oilfield Group - oilandgas360

Frank Zamora

Sr. Vice President

Transcript being added here of some discussions questions after review. 

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