Rare Petro is the "Enabler" for remote employee work, data and leveraging the modern business systems. Some parts of the  oil field has not always accepted, or adapted, technology until now.

Anthony McDaniels, CEO, Rare Petro, started his company during the downturn in oil in 2015 when he was given a severance package. Not wanting to move the family all over the country he started the business that Anthony and his wife had been planning for years. Sacrificing their lifestyle to save money for years to start a company, and this was the time.

"Rewards come with sacrifice, and there are no guarantees" says Anthony, and "Are you doing the job because you’re really passionate about it, or you just getting paid well?".We started about 12 apps on the app store as simple tools in the oil field. This got us to the next larger consulting contract that enabled us to get to the next level.

Rare Petro is a technical, consulting, and outsourcing service organization. Being able to cover oilfield & reserves, well site management, spill plans, certified engineers, and outsourcing capabilities is a total solution company.

In this tough budget market, keeping engineering staff may be too costly, and that is where Rare Petro can back fill your needs.  

Key Takeaways:

  • The oil community is a very close community, and they want to buy from partners that understand oil and gas. Expertise matters.
  • Companies on the debt tread mill will not survive. Good management, and no debt are critical to survival.
  • You must have passion to be successful
  • Some hobbies can be a business, but when you turn it into a business it is no longer a hobby.
  • Sales is a conversation and not a pitch – people buy from people.
  • Read business and self improvement books - a lot
  • The general misconception about a business is to make money - but rather it is to make goods or services. Money is a byproduct  - If you are good at it, you will make alot more money.

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