Steve Reese, CEO, Reese Midstream Report stopped by to visit about the current state of the Midstream business during Covid. Even after just a few moments, I knew that his years of experience, and industry knowledge, fit the title of Energy Expert to the tee.

While covering the current events in the Midstream space, we also touched on the next phase of the green revolution. Midstream will play an important part of the "Green" movement through transportation of hydrogen in a cost-effective existing infrastructure.

"So natural gas is here to stay. And I think it will be used in various, you know, different arenas. I do continue to see it to replace possibly coal in some areas and maybe nuclear in some others. But. And, you know, we're very much behind anything here that makes the environment a better place for all of us and our descendants. But if you look to the recent past, the reason, the main reason we have a better environment and cleaner air than we had 25 years ago is specifically the use of natural gas." - Steve Reese - Reese Midstream Report

Steve, thank you for stopping by our place. We had fun, and look forward to our next visit - Stu

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Steve Reese 

CEO Reese Midstream Report

After successful careers with Getty Oil Company and Texaco, Steve Reese founded Reese Energy Consulting in 1994, which provides a broad range of oil, natural gas, NGL and LNG services for producers, midstream firms and end-users across the nation. Our team of industry experts and years of specialized experience are nationally recognized for our unique strengths in energy research and project planning, engineering and design, and full-service energy marketing. Visit us at


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