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The team from Sproule just released the Special Market Report: "Finding the Silver Lining: North American Natural Gas." Michael Tanner, Host 360 Digital Closing Bell, and Analyst, and myself were able to sit down with Christoffer Mylde, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Liam O'Brian, Strategic Advisory & Insights from Sproule to cover the special report. 

Access to capital in the oil & gas market has become increasingly difficult over the last few years due to the producers shifting focus towards providing investors with more cash returns, ultimately providing less cash at the drill bit.  Other mitigating factors include the dramatic decline in demand causing the forced shut ins of large number of oil wells that are also producing natural gas. This huge volume of gas being taken off the market, and the world wide demand for LNG remaining at a fairly steady rate look to keep the prices over the $3.00 mark towards the end of the year. 

The report is an excellent overview of the North American Natural Gas, and our interview is worth your time. 

 Key Takeaways 

  • There are over 20 BCSE per day worth of projects that are approved and under construction for the U.S. Gulf Coast. 
  • The Europe market for LNG is now going head to head with the Russian pipeline gas. Being driven by political influences has set the stage for different solutions other than the Russian pipelines. 
  • You can download the Special Market Report: "Finding the Silver Lining: North American Natural Gas." on their home page. 
  • The fundamental demand drivers for the LNG market remain strong in the medium to long term.
  • Natural Gas is still the transition fuel of choice for coal to renewable migrations. Demand will only increase. 

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Christoffer Mylde

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

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Strategic Advisory & Insights 

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