This is the second part of the Women In Energy ESG interview, and is outstanding as a standalone interview.

ESG can be one of the most misunderstood and wildly misused topics in the oil and gas industry. We take seriously our devotion to "E", all while not forgetting the "S" and the "G". On today’s show, Chairman and CFO of EnerCom, Blanca Andrus sits down Susan Fakharzadeh, VP at Great Western for Government Affairs and Communications at Great Western. They talk about ESG, and how Great Western looks at ESG and why the "S" and the "G" hold up to the "E".

This is a fantastic conversation with twists and turns that you would not expect. I personally liked "I support fracking because I'm a feminist. Ask me why."

Thank you, Susan, for stopping by and visiting with us!

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About Susan Fakharzadeh & Great Western Petroleum

Susan fakharzadeh

Oil and gas professional focused on building relationships and creating meaningful investments in the communities where our employees live, work and operate.

Die hard proponent of domestic oil and gas production, its positive impacts on our communities and economy, and the diverse future it represents for individuals, our communities, and society as a whole.

I support fracking because I'm a feminist. Ask me why. 


At Great Western, our company’s mission is to produce energy in a safe and responsible way to improve people’s lives.

We do this by operating on a set of core values, combined with the nation’s most rigorous regulatory standards, and collaborative, transparent relationships with the communities where we live and operate. Our management team and board both share these commitments and direct our company’s business plan and policies in a way that reflects our values in every angle of our operations.

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