We had the opportunity to sit down with Miguel Peña, President, TenEx Technologies. TenEx was originally founded by former commercial real estate developers. In 2006, they acquired mines for real estate development, in the process founded a frac sand mine and pivoted when they saw an opportunity to service the O&G industry. They later started the technology company to bring more value to their oil field sand clients with a more diversified product offering. Their first client was a wild success with over 150 wells using the solutions.

Saving oilfield impact on the environment, and CapEx, is more than a requirement - It's demanded.

Their patent pending EOR, production enhancement and frac hit mitigation technologies are backed by field history. Their products include a Wettability modifier fluid that stabilizes nano particles - What this means is they displace more hydrocarbons in a well and reduce water cut. Trial results have seen ROIs of 20 – 90 days. This is even more important in our current market environment. Cutting frac water usage by 20% and increased production by an additional 40% on average across all field trials.

Successful installations have been in the Bakken, DJ Basin, Permian, Montney, Eagleford and have pending trials in South America, and the Middle East.

Key Takeaways:

  • Oilfield companies  need to lower the  impact to the environment. Investors and consumers are no longer complaisant about ESG.
  • Experts are more important as corporations are unable to maintain their employees FTE, and must rely on technology. 
  • Improving the parent/child relationship is critical in saving depletion rates and reducing additional drilling. 

Miguel Pena -oilandgas360

Miguel Pena


Contact Miguel for any questions or information on our interview. They have exciting methodologies TenEx provides for saving the ecology while saving clients money.


TenEx Technologies, LLC, is a full-service laboratory, logistics and service company focused on developing innovative chemical technologies that improve oil recovery. Our customers use our products mitigate well communication, revitalize producing wells and to improve the results of new completions.


Just a comparison on oil pricing we found interesting from the TenEx marketing department.

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