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With higher prices in oil, there is less pressure to automate systems. In the new world of low, and even negative pricing, any cost savings are mandatory. Doing more with fewer employees is now required, and automation is not an option for corporate survival. 

The WolfePak team Brent Rhymes, CEO, and Ryan Lailey, CTO, and MIchael Tanner, Oil&Gas 360 Host/analyst, and myself were able to talk about the current oilfield service marketplace. 

Our conversation was insightful, and reminded us that the oil and gas community is going through tough times. WolfePak is extending it's new app "WolfePak Pumper" available for no charge and no obligation for six months. Helping the boots on the ground is important while we head through to the other side of the oil crisis.

 Key Takeaways 

  • Process automation needs to happen from the pumper through accounting.
  • We are required to do more work with fewer employees, and automation is not optional.
  • The oil and gas community needs to stick together for support. 
  • The software development team takes the end users job requirements to heart. From the pumper to the accountant, each has different needs. 

About WolfePak

Wolfepak Software's been around since the 1980s. Since that time we've been providing accounting and ERP solutions for independent upstream and midstream oil and gas companies as well as service companies. Then a few years ago, when the owner and founder decided to step down and bring in some investors, we put the company on a bit of a different track. We wanted to expand beyond just providing accounting and ERP solutions and started to move in to automating the collection of well-filled data with the idea of bringing that information back into the back office.

Most recently, we've been working on an internally developed product called Wolfepak Pumper, which automates the collection of Pumper tickets. Some folks call it the Grease book automation. Whenever pumpers go out in the field and monitor the paint and gather that production data. We now provide a mobile app for doing that on both the iPhone as well as the Android devices, and all of that goes up to our cloud server and is integrated back with our ERP solution.

Automating the Capture of Pumper and Gauger Field Data

Eliminate Paper Gauge Sheets, Pumper Tickets and Duplicate Data Entry

WolfePak Pumper automates the collection and transfer of your field data providing the visibility engineering, supervisory and finance teams need. The app runs on the employee or contractor pumper’s mobile device to collect the field data for the leases and wells assigned to them through the Pumper Admin Console. 

  • Validate or catch inaccuracies with real-time comparison of pumper reading and readings left by purchasers
  • Provides an intuitive interface for ticket data entry and additional information such as downtime, test data, well treatments and more for each tank
  • Automates scheduling based on the operators desired service schedule and displays the list of tanks associated with each lease
  • Accommodates all readings for oil, gas and water – BS&W, gravity, temperature
  • Automatically transmits pumper ticket data to WolfePak’s ERP Production Module with optional data export available

Brent Rhymes

Chief Executive Officer

Previously served as EVP of Sales and Marketing for Synacor and CEO of Zimbra

31 years of software executive leadership

BS Computer Science – University of Tennessee, Knoxville; MBA – University of St. Thomas (TX)

Ryan Lailey

Chief Technology Officer

Previously served as Chief Operating Officer for DocVue

25 years of software executive leadership

BA Finance – Michigan State University

Member – Association of Financial Professionals

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