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NuVista Energy: line of sight to 60,000 BOEs per day

At its recent 2017 The Oil & Gas Conference®, EnerCom’s Oil & Gas 360® conducted an exclusive video interview with NuVista Energy (ticker: NVA) President & CEO Jonathan Wright.

Substantially all of NuVista’s capital expenditures are on the Wapiti Montney play. The Wapiti Montney play has natural gas production with significant condensate which is a key driver of the economics. Condensate is critical to the heavy oil business as heavy oil bitumen must be combined with condensate in order to create the viscosity required to permit transportation on pipelines. The growing impact of condensate production on its corporate production mix and revenue is borne out in the company’s quarterly production and financial results. Condensate sales comprise approximately 50 percent of revenues.

NuVista’s EnerCom presentation webcast is here.

NuVista’s corporate investor presentation is here.

Exclusive Video Interview with NuVista Energy President & CEO Jonathan Wright

Source: NuVista Energy

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