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EcoStim Energy Solutions: ~80% of revenue will be in the U.S. going forward; 2-year contract with YPF provides foundation for growth in Argentina  

At its recent 2017 The Oil & Gas Conference®, EnerCom’s Oil & Gas 360® conducted an exclusive video interview with EcoStim Energy Solutions (ticker: ESES) President & CEO Chris Boswell.

EcoStim had its first full year of business as a pressure pumping services provider working exclusively in Argentina’s Vaca Muerte shale in 2015. The company secured a two-year contract with YPF in spring of 2017 as YPF expands natural gas production in Argentina.

In January 2017, EcoStim announced its expansion into the U.S. market, and since then the company has added customers and secured pressure pumping contracts in north central Oklahoma’s SCOOP/STACK play.

View EcoStim Energy Solutions’ EnerCom conference presentation webcast here.

View EcoStim Energy Solutions’ EnerCom presentation deck here.

Exclusive Video Interview with EcoStim Energy Solutions President & CEO Chris Boswell

EcoStim Energy Solutions’ job site in Oklahoma’s SCOOP/STACK play.

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