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Exum Instruments, Inc. Successfully Oversubscribes their $1.8M Launch Round- oil and gas 360

DENVERApril 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Exum Instruments, Inc., a Denver-based company building next generation scientific instruments and software ecosystems to increase the speed and breadth of materials development and discovery, has announced the oversubscription of their $1.8M Launch Round.

Jeff Williams, CEO/CTO, said, “We have been incredibly overwhelmed with the reception our funding round has received. I believe we have found the right partners to help propel us into a strong position for an A Round later this year.”

Incorporated only five years ago, Exum successfully launched the Massbox™ mass spectrometer and is now taking commercial orders to deploy the analytical instrument domestically.

Josh Ulla, CDO, said, “The world is realizing that tighter chemical constraints are required to develop and maintain the advanced materials of the future. While we have received interest from many different industries, our first focus will be metals testing, specifically in the additive manufacturing space. This is an aggressively expanding industry and one that is already evolving and growing at the speed of Exum.”

Some investors represented in this round include Cortado VenturesAlchemy CapitalAmerocapOasis Capital and FortySix Venture Capital.

“The beginning of this year marks the start of establishing a new benchmark for technology and experience in analytical instrumentation. We are delivering the Massbox to the hands of our customers, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to receive Exum’s vision”, said Jeff Williams.

Laura Ely, Director of Programs at The Barnes Global Advisors, recently mentioned Exum in TCT’s 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Intelligence Magazine, saying, we’ll likely see more emphasis on the minutia of materials and, “We’re also intrigued by a new system for solid material characterization coming out from Exum…'”

Stephen Strickland, CFO, said, “I’m excited to have closed this round of funding and  very proud of our team for all their hard work. We are moving fast and taking the next steps as a company. I’m thrilled by the support of our ambitious, successful investors who see how big this is going to be. I couldn’t have asked for a better investment group.”

About Exum

Exum builds instruments and software ecosystems to increase the speed of materials development and discovery, offering easy access to high performance at a low cost. Exum’s first instrument, The Massbox™, is the first Laser Ablation Laser Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (LALI-TOF-MS) on the market, capable of analyzing any sample you can throw at it – precisely, rapidly, and inexpensively.

For more information, please visit Exum’s website at www.exuminstruments.com.  Additional information is available about the company’s founding and early successes at The Analytical Scientist.

Josh Ulla, CDO 
Exum Instruments, Inc.
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