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“How America Works narrated by Mike Rowe,” an hour-long “FBN Prime” series that showcases Americans who work nonstop to keep U.S. infrastructure in working order, returns on Monday with an all-new episode focusing on the oil industry.

FBN Prime: ‘How America Works narrated by Mike Rowe’ to break down oil industry- oil and gas 360

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Cameron Energy Company vice president John Stewart is featured and doesn’t have any media training or experience on television, but feels running the day-to-day operations of an oil business is all the preparation needed to enlighten viewers.

“We are always fighting to stay alive, whether it is a fight against overregulation or public perception, what have you. We’re always fighting. And I think that just all the years of having to explain what we are doing lends itself really well to this kind of communication,” Stewart told Fox News Digital.

Cameron Energy is a family business that was founded by John’s father, Arthur, who is still the company’s president. John’s sister, their husbands, and his wife work for the Western Pennsylvania-based company, too. The episode will focus on smaller, family-owned oil companies that don’t often see the spotlight.

“I think folks can expect to see some surprising things,” Stewart said. “The feedback we usually get is that people are amazed by just how much hard manual labor there is. They tend to think that everything is just done by machine, but there’s actually truly just hard work going on.”

Stewart said viewers will get an inside looks at the “passion and pride” his family takes in their jobs, and like most things related to Cameron Energy, everyone had input when the Stewart family was approached to star in a TV show about the oil industry.

“We don’t want to be involved in any kind of farce program. There have been a few attempts that I’ve seen over the years of folks who try to make TV of the oil industry, and we just shudder and cringe watching them because it’s, you know, fake drama and overhyped,” Stewart said. “There’s enough drama just in our everyday work. You don’t have to go trying to create anything false.”

While Stewart didn’t want to be involved in anything phony or manufactured, he was quickly on board with “How America Works” when he learned who narrates the program.

“Once we heard it was a Mike Rowe project … that pretty much sold us,” Stewart said. “We were confident that it was going to be true to life.”

“FBN Prime” features a variety of new programing focusing on success stories across key American industries, hosted by stars such as Stuart Varney, Cheryl Casone, John Rich and Kacie McDonnell.

“How America Works narrated by Mike Rowe” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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