January 24, 2017 - 9:00 AM EST
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FracGeo launches DrillPredictor™, for Shale 2.0 Geosteering and Completion Optimization While Drilling (COWD™)

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Jan. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- FracGeo announces the launch of DrillPredictorTM , a  desktop module of FracGeo's FracPredictorTM software platform and a cloud based web service for geosteering unconventional and tight reservoir wells into the most fracable rock and optimizing frac stage spacing and cluster design using only surface drilling data.  

DrillPredictorTM  includes a new technology that uses standard surface drilling data to compute, in real time, the Corrected Mechanical Specific Energy (CMSE) which accounts for frictional losses along the wellbore. FracGeo's CMSE is used to compute pore pressure, stresses, natural fractures, and geomechanical logs along the wellbore. These logs are then used in FracGeo's GMXsteeringTM technology to update 3D geomechanical models in real time to steer the well into the most fracable rock. Immediately after drilling is completed, DrillPredictorTM  provides an optimal completion strategy with  adaptive frac stage spacing and cluster design that accounts for the heterogeneous nature of the computed stress and geomechanical properties along the wellbore.

Ron Dirksen, President and COO, says that "DrillPredictorTM technology is a major step in geosteering and completion optimization technology because its tackles the problem and provides the solution during the drilling phase.  A major advantage of the new technology is its deployment on any rig without the use of additional surface gauges, sensors, or downhole measurement tools, avoiding additional costs and potential risk of wellbore problems." Dirksen added "additional benefits of the technology include no on-site personnel or permits and the enhanced use of existing real time drilling data streaming services." FracGeo's partner, RigMinder©, provides the real time data service for any drilling contractor.

Ahmed Ouenes, CEO, says, "Improving the completions of unconventional wells has so far been achieved through expensive trial and error field experimentation. DrillPredictorTM provides our clients actionable information to improve their drilling and completion at minimal cost and time."

About FracGeo

FracGeo provides Shale Management™ technologies to improve asset ROR and well performance in unconventional reservoirs. These solutions are deployed using FracPredictor™ software and include: sweetspot and landing zone selection, geomechanical modeling, adaptive asymmetric frac design, and well spacing optimization.

About RigMinder

RigMinder© is a technology company that provides monitoring and analytics of all functionality of drilling rig operations.

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