May 17, 2016 - 9:00 AM EDT
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Green Planet's HHO Generator Provides Answer to UN Air Pollution Warning

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwired - May 17, 2016) - Green Planet Group's (OTC PINK: GNPG) AAQIS On-Demand Hydrogen Generator provides partial solutions to an alarming rise in worldwide air pollution as reported by the UN's World Health Organization (WHO) in a report released May 12, 2016. The UN's international health agency reports an alarming increase in urban air pollution around the world. Among key findings in the report are the following:

  • More than 80 per cent of people living in urban areas that monitor air pollution are exposed to air quality levels that exceed guidelines set by the World Health Organization.
  • Some 98 per cent of cities in low- and middle-income countries with more than 100,000 inhabitants do not meet WHO air quality limits.
  •  As urban air quality declines, the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma, increases for the people who live in them.
  • Global urban air pollution levels increased by 8 per cent, despite improvements in some regions.
  • Ambient air pollution, made of high concentrations of small and fine particulate matter, is the greatest environmental risk to health -- causing more than three million premature deaths worldwide every year.

"Urban air pollution continues to rise at an alarming rate, wreaking havoc on human health," said Maria Neira, WHO Director, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health.

Green Planet's AAQIS HHO On-Demand Generator addresses this issue on a number of levels. Dynamometer testing of the AAQIS generator has recorded fuel efficiency improvement of 40 percent and a reduction in exhaust emissions to very nearly zero on gasoline fueled engines. On diesel fueled engines, the AAQIS HHO generator produced a reduction in fuel consumption of 28% and a reduction in emissions of 60%. AAQIS's revolutionary technology utilizes the excess electricity generated by a vehicle's engine to break down water into its base elements, hydrogen and oxygen. This HHO gas is then fed into the engine resulting in improved mileage and reduced emissions. Ed Lonergan, Green Planet president and CEO noted, "This technology can be applied to any and all large bore internal combustion engines with dramatic positive results. That includes everything from trucks to buses, ships, trains, heavy equipment and stationary equipment such as generators and compressors."

In addition, the introduction of HHO gas has been proven to have a positive effect on fuel use and emissions in coal-burning power plants, a major contributor to harmful air pollution. As recently reported, results of testing by Western Research Institute (WRI), a research organization renowned for work in advanced energy systems, environmental technologies and highway materials research and technologies include:

  • Introduction of oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas did positively affect carbon conversion and, consequently, the combustion efficiency.
  • An increase in ash quality with respect to carbon content was noted. The baseline carbon content in the ash was approximately 11.5% of weight. After injecting HHO gas, the carbon content was as low as 7.7%, an improvement of 33%.
  • Coal consumption was reduced by almost 3% due to the improvement of carbon conversion efficiency.
  • SO2 formation was reduced primarily by reducing coal consumption by almost 3%.

The WRI research report noted, "The results indicate that HHO injection has the potential to increase carbon conversion, supply a clean burning energy source and reduce emission by displacement of coal."

Lonergan continued, "On the road, on the railways, at sea, at construction sites, in industry and in coal-burning power plants, our AAQIS On-Demand HHO Generator technology will work hard to improve air quality and reduce fossil fuel consumption. AAQIS will save lives and save billions of dollars in fuel costs for our customers. This UN report reinforces the potential global demand for our AAQIS products and our plans for the commercial launch of our HHO generator program. As is true of our revolutionary Healing the Earth™ food growing system, this technology truly fulfills our Company Mission Statement -- To advance the health and natural wealth of our planet through investments that directly benefit the environment, the emerging green economy and our shareholders."

About Green Planet Group, Inc.
 The Company is comprised of four wholly-owned subsidiaries: one operating company and three development companies. XenTx Lubricants, Inc. produces lubricants and additives for gasoline and diesel engines. AAQIS, Inc. is developing a hydrogen generator which greatly reduces hydrocarbon emissions while improving fuel efficiency in internal combustion engines. Green Mining Technologies, Inc. is developing green technologies for the mining of precious metals. The Company's Healing the Earth subsidiary is developing a new Fast Track™ growing system capable of growing vast amounts of fresh, organic food.

Forward-Looking Statements
Certain statements contained herein are "forward-looking" statements (as defined -- Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995). Green Planet Group, Inc. cautions that the statements made in this press release constitute forward-looking statements and no guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from projections in forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on estimates and opinions of management at time the statements are made.

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