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Gulfport Energy (ticker: GPOR) announced the results of recent SCOOP Sycamore and Woodford wells today.

Gulfport brought the Serenity well, located in southern Grady County, Oklahoma, online recently. Serenity is the first Gulfport to target the SCOOP Sycamore. The well produced a 24-hour IP of 15.7 MMcfe/d, comprised of about 70% natural gas, 19% NGL and 11% oil. The Serenity has a stimulated lateral length of 5,980 feet, giving it production of 2,618 Mcfe per 1,000 foot of lateral.

The Sycamore formation is age equivalent to the Meramec and Osage formations, some of the major targets of STACK development. Gulfport holds more than 40,000 net acres prospective in the Sycamore, so the results of the Serenity well are very important.

Gulfport also recently brought the Winham well online, a wet gas Woodford well in Grady County. Winham produced a 24-hour IP of 23.4 MMcfe/d, comprised of 64% natural gas, 18% NGL and 18% oil. Winham achieved this production through a stimulated lateral length of 4,898 feet, giving it an output of 4,779 Mcfe per 1,000 foot of lateral.

Gulfport Energy Announces New SCOOP Wells

Source: Gulfport Investor Presentation

Gulfport holds just under 93,000 net acres in the SCOOP, and produced 194.4 MMcfe/d from the play in Q3. The company plans to spud 18 wells in the play this year, and bring 16 to sales.

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