Inside Public Accounting (IPA) has named Hein & Associates to its annual “Best of the Best” list, which honors 50 firms across the country for their overall superior performance on more than 70 IPA criteria. The right combination of planning, strategy, and execution distinguish Best of the Best firms from among more than 500 firms that participated in the 23rd IPA Annual Survey and Analysis of Firms.

The IPA Best of the Best CPA firms demonstrate long-term consistency and exceptional performance. In any economy – up or down – clues for what to do, where to focus and how to practice can be found in the IPA Best of the Best. Exceptional client service, commitment to firm wide training, unique benefits for both staff and clients, and specialized client focus all lead to the path of the IPA Best of the Best.

The IPA 2013 Best of the Best firms are well-managed and well-executed examples of how to succeed. The 2013 IPA Best of the Best firms come in all sizes and are geographically dispersed across the U.S. The largest firm to make the list is $418 million and the smallest, at $5.6 million

“It is an honor to appear on this list once again,” states Brian Mandell-Rice, Managing Partner of Hein. “Our team strives to maximize best practices while focusing on a long-term strategic vision that benefits both clients and employees.”

“The IPA Best of the Best firms represent the pinnacle of high-performing accounting firms in the U.S. Each firm demonstrates the right combination of vision, planning, training and execution to deliver superior performance,” says Michael Platt, principal of the Platt Group and publisher of the accounting trade publication, INSIDE Public Accounting. “We congratulate Hein for being a representative of the best of what the profession has to offer,” he says.

Hein was also named “Best of the Best” in 2009, 2011 and 2012, and received Honorable Mention in 2010. A full list of the 2013 IPA Best of the Best firms can be found here.

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