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Community involvement – more than just buzz words

Hi-Crush (ticker: HCLP) is a major sand producer in both Wisconsin and more recently in Kermit, Texas, near operations in the Permian Basin, but the company strives to be more to the local community. HCLP has put a strong emphasis on serving the communities in which it works, and it has found several ways to improve the lives of its neighbors.

The school district near its new in-basin sand facility in Kermit, Texas, needed outside support for its technology.

Hi-Crush brings technology to the classroom

In May of this year, Hi-Crush announced it donated $10,000 to the Kermit Independent School District to help support the use of technology to aid classroom instruction across the district’s campuses.

“Hi-Crush supports a strong community presence at all our sites and encourages our employees to participate in community activities and volunteer work. As part of that effort, we focus on helping schools in all the communities where we operate,” Hi-Crush Chief Geologist Tyler Deines told Oil & Gas 360®.

Keeping the community safe in Wisconsin

In addition to the work the company has done in Texas, Hi-Crush is highly-involved with communities in Wisconsin where it sources its Northern White sand. On November 2, 2017, the company presented the City of Independence $27,000 to help secure a $33,000 grant from the USDA-Rural Development. The collective $60,000 grant will cover the expense of a new police service dog for the city and surrounding areas, as the current police service dog, who goes by the name Certain, prepares to retire.

Certain served Independence and the surrounding area as a canine unit police service dog for nine years, but as he approached retirement age, the police force looked for a replacement which Hi-Crush stepped up to provide. The new dog will be named Canine Crush in honor of the contribution from Hi-Crush.

Hi-Crush presents Certain and the Independence City Police Department with funds for a new K9 unit

“We are happy to support the communities in which we work,” said Hi-Crush Chief Financial Officer Laura Fulton.

“We live and work here as well, and it means a lot to us to know our police officers have the resources they need to do their jobs well. Certain has enabled law enforcement to do many important jobs from detecting illegal drugs to assisting with search and rescue, and we’re proud that the newest edition to Independence’s K9-force will bear our name as he continues this important work.”

The Independence Police Department added that they are thankful for the assistance from Hi-Crush.

“Certain has been a great asset to the Independence Police Department not only as a resource against crime, but as a resource to connect with the public. Certain has been used to help with school safety as well as opening doors of communication with the public and our youth,” said the department. “The USDA-Rural Development program assisted with the funding for a new K-9 unit, while the remaining balance was graciously donated by Hi-Crush, enabling the Police Department to better use budget funds for other operating needs.”

Hi-Crush also announced Tuesday that the company donated 10,000 tons of 20/40 mesh sand to Trempealeau County where Whitehall is located to help keep roads safe this winter. The sand’s value was estimated at $200,000 and will cover the county’s needs for this winter. In addition to offering good traction, salt can be mixed in with the sand making it easier to spread.

Hi-Crush sand donation to Trempealeau County

“Safety is a primary concern at Hi-Crush, both on the jobsite and in communities where we work and live,” said company Vice President of Production Deke Williamson. “In addition to ensuring the safety of our employees this winter, it’s important to us that our neighbors are also able to navigate the roads this winter without difficulty.”

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