A letter to the editor, responding to:  “We’re Still Importing Crude Oil from OPEC. Why?” 

Dear Editor:

You are spot on with this commentary.  It is tragic that so many Americans have come to take inexpensive, efficient O&G energy so for granted that they hype and pump every alternative with subsidies while demonizing O&G.  But don’t dare disrupt their privileged lives with a supply disruption or rolling brownout.  Too bad they are not the ones subscribing to and getting educated by your work.

oil-rig-flagThe current oil price regime caused by savage Bedouin tent economic theory is mind-numbing and beyond logic.  Equally illogical is that the current administration is doing nothing in response or to help support the U.S. O&G industry so critical to the domestic and world economy – perhaps in deluded hopes of crushing fossil fuels.  If they understood what a shock to the fragile economy it would be to accelerate a shift to dispatchable (intermittent) alternative energies and an entirely new transmission infrastructure and industrial complex, they might think twice about supporting the health of the O&G industry.

Like you[r commentary writer Greg Barnett], I’ve worked in O&G since 1980, and I’ve also worked on several alternative energy projects.  It’s all important and necessary to the long-term viability of our economy and continued growth.  It is sad that O&G is so misunderstood, largely because most of us technical types just do our jobs very well without  seeking credit, and by many the villainous scape-goat of unchecked hyper-growth in other vastly more polluting countries.  I hope America wakes up before we crash into the malaise exemplified by so many failed socialist European countries.  That is not a model to aspire to!

From: Greg Petruska, MBA, P.E.

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