Oil & Gas Publishers Note: Last nights Democratic debate was the best entertainment, while being horrifying, evening my wife and I have had in a long time. The Deccan Herald posted a good article of Michael Bloomberg’s comments on fighting climate change. The US is not the major contributor to climate change, and have made improvements. China has made improvements, but India is the largest contributor to climate change.  I disagree with Michael on this statement last night. India is only about 7% and China is a estimated 20%. The horrifying bloody battle field of economic policies discussed by the candidates is frightening. Are these candidates the best the Democrats can run in a presidential race? 

India poses a bigger problem than China when it comes to fighting climate change, particularly on reducing carbon emissions, Democratic presidential aspirant and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has said.

India bigger problem than China on reducing carbon emissions - Michael Bloomberg - oilandgas360

The United States has already closed 304 out of the 530 coal fired power plants and 80 of them have been closed in Europe, he said. (Credit: Reuters Photo)

During his maiden appearance on a Democratic presidential primary debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Bloomberg said it was “ridiculous” of the Trump administration to take the US out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, as he outlined his approach to tackling climate change.

“In all fairness, the Chinese have slowed down. It is India that is an even bigger problem, but it is an enormous problem. Nobody is doing anything about it,” Bloomberg said in response to a question on climate change.

He was asked about his business which is heavily invested in China, the number one producer of carbon emissions in the world, and how far would he go to force Beijing to reduce those emissions and tackle the climate crisis.

The billionaire and philanthropist, who announced his presidential run only this year, asserted that the US was making a difference.

The Deccan Herald

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