August 21, 2018 - 9:30 AM EDT
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Investors: Winter is Coming

Artic Therm is Ready.

Whether pro-pipeline or con, most have no idea the science and safety protocols employed when an oil or natural gas line is laid. The general consensus --that a truckload of pipe is rolled up to a ditch and dumped in is -- in a word, crazy.

Why Artic Therm?

- Since 1997, pioneers in flameless heating and pipeline thermal expansion solutions

- ATI uses portable equipment and proprietary technology to provide efficient ‘Flameless Heat’ and breathable ‘Green Air’ in remote locations that present extreme climate challenges

- Outputs of 125,000 to 3.3 million BTUs

- Blower technology provides up to 15,000 CFM (Cubic feet per minute)

- Versatility that facilitates numerous heating and thawing applications

Laying pipeline is a complex industrial dance of extreme safety measures. Not the least of which is the expansion and contraction of the pipeline sections themselves. Artic Therm (ATI) is the leader in this sector, not to mention other areas (thawing, grain drying, etc.). The Company has and continues to develop a myriad of applications for its flameless heat technology. This time of year, is when companies are organizing the equipment necessary to realize their planned infrastructure builds. Pipeline construction has a very precise set of preparatory steps.

Artic Therm specializes in pipe diameters ranging from 4 to 48 inches: And pipe lengths from a few feet to several kilometers. In the Arctic, the difference in the ambient temperature versus the temperature of the liquid flowing through can have a massive effect on its integrity. Even high school physics teaches that really hot versus really cold is a recipe for disaster for pipe not properly prepared. Relatively complex calculations are employed to determine the time and temperature necessary to expand and lengthen the pipe, which thereby reduces stresses as well as the need for numerous expansion couplings, or indeed any at all.

The process changes little with size or length; however non-insulated lines have many variables that can affect the pre-heating. ATI engineering helps to determine the section lengths which are dependent upon the pipeline scope, size and ambient temperatures. On the smaller diameter lines, the Company will utilize a drafting method to allow consistent flow and absorption of heat. Drafting involves using a heating unit to push the heat and a blower on the distal end to draw the heat.

‘Over 20 years ago, Artic Therm pioneered this technology and now has the largest fleet of flameless units in the country” stated Des O’Kell, SVP of Enterprise Group. “During the construction phase of a 79,494 m3 tank, the ATI 2500 supplied breathable heated air into the tank; which melted built up snow and ice, over 8’’(20.32cm) thick . For this size of tank, the ATI 2500 with 2,500,000 BTU, 8,500 CFM, and a maximum output of 115°C was flawless.”

500,000 Barrel Tanks•Internal temperature achieved 112°C •Average ambient temperature -15°C

The other aspect to the heating is ATI’s ‘Green Air’, which ensures that should personnel have to work in the environment, the air is contaminant free. When that pipe is installed, along with other protocols, the normal stress upon flow has been vastly reduced and the pipe is contaminant free. Normally the oil etc., is treated as well to eliminate contaminants.

Heat in the arctic is as important as water in the desert.

Safety Never Takes A Holiday

- Positive air shut down
- Murphy gauges
- Double containment
- Brushless alternators
- Operating beacon lights
- User friendly system
- GPS software

Should any onboard systems fail or approach failure, the units’ Murphy Gauges will shut the equipment down and alert the operator either onsite or off. The CFM pusher fan located near the rear of the unit then drives the clean breathable heat through the 12 or 16-inch manual outlets into the target area. The heat that the engine and exhaust produces is reclaimed and recirculated.

Keep up with the Jeeps

The purpose of heating is to see who can have the prettiest pipeline but is employed to make these crucial pieces of infrastructure as safe with the longest life possible. Pipelines are coated with a non-conductive coating. During transport and deployment, the coating can suffer anything from a large gash to an imperceptible crack, exposing the metal pipe. As with all welds, the pipe is x-rayed to both check integrity and identify other imperfections know as jeeps.

ATI’s mission is to provide an efficient flameless and breathable heat for multiple applications in remote locations and extreme climate challenges. ATI achieves this with three divisions. The first being rentals, which consists of over 150 portable tow-behind Heaters as well as several large self-contained truck mounted flameless units. ATI’s climate control technology focuses on air quality within confined spaces. And lastly, ATI projects division, that utilizes the same technology, but on a much larger scale, allows versatility for the varied and unique client specifications.

Investors Take Note. Now.

For investors, ATI and Enterprise are bearing down on a potentially record season. Quote requests are up smartly, and the company feels complete deployment of heating units is likely. The shares more than doubled this year (C$0.29-C$0.62) and have settled back to the C$0.40 per share range. Spring and early summer tend to be quieter as the Company ramps up for fall and winter; historically a reasonable time to pick up some shares.

Also, with the uncertainty of US tariffs, prices for new machines are rising as are parts. It is within the realm of certainty that all of these factors could well lead Enterprise into record revenue territory.

The one thing this tariff watusi tells us is that while always a good business call, renting likely was never so important.

Winter is Coming: Operators await.

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