Dubai, 25 October (Argus) — Kuwait’s state-owned refiner KNPC has announced the start-up of six boilers at its 265,000 b/d Mina Abdullah refinery – another step towards the planned completion of its long-delayed $16bn Clean Fuels Project (CFP) later this quarter.

Each with a capacity of 380,000 pounds/hour, the boilers will generate the steam needed to operate various units at the Mina Abdullah refinery. KNPC deputy chief executive of projects Abdullah al-Ajmi said capacity of the boilers can be increased to up to 420,000 pounds/h if needed.

Work at Mina Abdullah is continuing despite the challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The amine regeneration unit, nitrogen/air system unit, hydrocarbon LP/HP flare unit and sour water stripping units were all commissioned between 24 June and 31 July.

Kuwait’s CFP involves the integration of the Mina Abdullah and 440,000 b/d Mina al-Ahmadi refineries, raise their combined crude processing capacity to 800,000 b/d. Work at Mina al-Ahmadi was completed in April with the launch of two new units, reducing its crude processing capacity 346,000 b/d. On completion, the crude processing capacity at Mina Abdullah will rise to 454,000 b/d.


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