November 10, 2016 - 8:00 AM EST
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Leveraging Biomimicry, Elbé Petro Introduces a Breakthrough Solution to Prevent Volatile Liquids Storage Emissions

When covering the surface of still water ponds, duckweeds prevent dryness during summer time. Elbé pétro, a French startup, has developed a technology bio-inspired from these small aquatic plants that float free on still water to help industrials address petrochemicals and chemicals evaporation while stored in tanks.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

« Duckweeds are able to cover entirely all still water pond surfaces, regardless of its geometry. When boats move, duckweeds are pushed sideward to then return to a balanced position closing the plant layer. Duckweeds’ natural adaptation skills inspired us to develop a floating roof of independent floaters » says the founder, Laurent Bédel, Ph.D.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions are a major issue for oil & gas, chemicals, food or pharmaceutical industrials. During the storage of ethereal liquids (fuels, solvents…), vapors generate an atmosphere generally flammable or explosive, most often toxic.

Industrials aim at reducing environmental impact due to pollutant emissions, while reducing the financial loss caused by evaporation of high value liquids, and minimizing accidental hazards.

To address these needs, oil & gas professionals usually fit their storage tanks with internal floating roofs made of assembled plates. These monobloc systems are efficient but the set up cost is high and require heavy maintenance work.

Elbé petro designed, developed, industrialized and patented a technology, Eris (Evaporation Reduction Intelligent System) based on independent floaters bio-inspired from natural duckweeds. These floaters have an optimized design leading to maximal coverage ratio, and move to adapt to every specific internal tank geometry (presence of side pipes, gauges, ladders…).

ERIS floaters are cost effective, easy and quick to be installed, even in used tanks, which position them as a competitive solution. ERIS can easily be FDA compliant to be used in liquid food tanks (brandies, whiskies…)

Eris, as a patented technology, has been awarded several times:

  • 1st price for innovation of the French Oil & Gas professional association
  • 1st price for environmental purpose of the national chemicals manufacturer association in the framework of the Responsible Care program.

Elbé pétro
Audrey Bédel
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Source: Business Wire (November 10, 2016 - 8:00 AM EST)

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