We believe we can optimize completions with data, rather than trial and error – Liberty Oilfield Services President Ron Gusek

Liberty Oilfield Services has a few tricks up its sleeve that allow its frac fleet to operate in quiet mode out in the oilfields in Weld County, Colorado, and other areas where newly constructed neighborhoods are bumping up against leaseholds right and left.

But the privately held company is also pretty loud about a new development.

Liberty is stepping outside the traditional oilfield service business model of offering operators fracturing equipment, expertise and pressure pumping services. It’s stepping into the realm of ‘big data’.

Liberty is developing a database of production and completion data for a number of North America’s prolific shale basins. The data has been sourced both from publicly available sources and from E&P companies that recognize the benefit.

With its database, Liberty is in the process of conducting multivariate analysis of all the possible inputs that can go into a well completion program. The idea is to design effective completions strategies for its customers before they drill and start testing completion formulas.

Liberty President Ron Gusek spoke to Oil & Gas 360® about this development. “The basis of multivariate analysis in completions is in evaluating how changes to any of the suite of factors playing into a reservoir might alter the production out of that reservoir,” Gusek said.

“We believe we can optimize completions with data, rather than trial and error.”

Gusek said the intent of Liberty’s multivariate analysis package is to allow E&P companies to investigate in advance how changes to their completion strategy will influence changes in their wells’ production.

“The goal of this service is to help E&Ps understand the impacts of their completion designs before they invest in well tests which are time consuming and expensive,” Gusek said.

Liberty believes the new service will let producers to optimize their completion designs based on data and experience of multiple producers across an entire basin—as opposed to relying only on individual test wells.

Fracing with the quiet fleet

As populations expand into the vicinity of oil and gas operations, and as oil and gas activities grow in these regions, the two will increasingly rub against one another. Operators and oilfield service firms are taking steps to ensure that drilling and completion, gathering and other operations interfere as little as possible with the everyday lives of people living near oil and gas drilling sites, tank batteries and other facilities.

To help operators achieve this goal, Liberty has assembled its Quiet Fleet—a fleet of pressure pumping units that the company has perfected specifically for operations in close proximity to residences, schools and urban and suburban populations that are close to oil and gas drilling and completion operations.

Liberty Oilfield Services:  Extra Loud Data, Extra Quiet Fleet

Source: Liberty Oilfield Services

Liberty Oilfield Services – an EnerCom Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day presenter

Liberty Oilfield Services is a featured innovator that is presenting its technologies at EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day Aug. 17, 2017 at the Denver Downtown Westin hotel.

On the morning of EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day in downtown Denver, Liberty will demonstrate one of its “Quiet Fleet” pumping units which is designed to reduce oilfield noise pollution by up to three times.

EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day features large and small companies that have new technologies designed to benefit the oil and gas industry by boosting production levels; lowering finding, drilling, completion and production costs; enhancing well integrity and community relations; plus other economic improvements made possible by new technologies that are in use or in field tests in the world’s oilfields.

Who should attend Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day?

Drilling and completions engineers, VPs of drilling and development, drilling managers, geologists, petrophysicists, petroleum engineers and chief operating officers from E&P companies and oilfield service and technology firms, plus energy venture capital investors and private equity investors.

To register to attend EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day, please visit the conference website registration page.

Liberty Oilfield Services:  Extra Loud Data, Extra Quiet Fleet

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