July 23, 2019 - 8:29 AM EDT
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Long Awaited Fusion Energy Breakthrough Finally Arrives

Staged Z Pinch Fusion to Soon Revolutionize $10B Cancer/Heart Disease Scan & Treatment Industry, $4T Electric Power Grid, and Space Travel

- Thermonuclear Fusion Energy powers the sun and the stars and is the Holy Grail of cheap, clean, and unlimited energy. For several decades and only until recently, developing Fusion Energy has been elusive and unsuccessful

- The production of large numbers of neutrons is the ONLY thing that characterizes Thermonuclear Fusion. Many experiments have produced temperatures as high as 100 million degrees, but NONE has produced a large number of neutrons over 10 to the 5th power

- US Nuclear ($18 million market cap) partner's MIFTI (Magneto Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc.) and MIFTEC Labs, are the first to crack the code of Thermonuclear Fusion Energy by using their patented Staged Z Pinch technology to generate history making neutron flux of 10 to the 10th power

- World leading Fusion Energy Journal, "Physics of Plasmas" peer reviewed, investigated, confirmed, and in May 2019 published MIFTI historic results achieved on 1 Million Ampere machine a UNR Terawatt Facility

- Plans have been completed for larger 10 Million Ampere machines that are designed to generate 10 to the 15th neutrons that will be used to create billions of dollars of medical radioisotopes at half the current cost thereby revolutionizing the medical radioisotope industry that is suffering from massive shortages and high costs

- The 10 Million Ampere machines or perhaps slightly larger versions will also be used to provide abundant, low cost, carbon-free electricity to the $4T global electric power grid and for space travel approaching the speed of light

- Several discussions are underway for funding the construction of the first machines that can be completed in under 24 months

- The Staged Z Pinch machines are low cost, carbon free, small, require small number of people to operate, do not create long-term radioactive hazardous waste, are not subject to nuclear runaway, use low cost isotope of seawater as fuel, and can be placed in thousands of convenient locations globally

Fusion is the process which powers the sun and the stars. It is the energy that makes all life on earth possible. It is called 'fusion' because it is produced by fusing together light atoms, such as hydrogen, at the extremely high pressures and temperatures which exist at the center of the sun such as 15 million ºC. Fusion Energy has been a long sought dream for decades because it offers to change our world dramatically when it is finally here.

Billions of dollars have been invested in many different companies attempting to develop fusion power, but until now, results have been disappointing as reported by Daniel Jassby, retired Plasma Physics leading expert in neutrons in his article, Voodoo Fusion Energy. Jassby says, "Numerous fusion "startups" promise a practical fusion reactor delivering net electric power in 5 to 10 years, but almost all have apparently never produced a single D-D fusion reaction. The currently most notorious (in alphabetical order) are General Fusion, Helion Energy, Lockheed-Martin Compact Fusion and Tri-Alpha Energy, all of which have made that promise for the last 5 to 15 years."

The Long Wait for Fusion Energy Is Finally Over

US Nuclear Corp. (OTC: UCLE) partners MIFTI (Magneto Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc.) and MIFTEC Labs recently made history that is known and understood by only a small handful of plasma/fusion experts, but not by the general public or investors yet. That is about to change though, because the world's leading Fusion Energy Journal, "Physics of Plasmas" recently published a report that was peer reviewed, investigated, and confirmed. The historic breakthrough in massive neutron creation was buried in a highly technical report about using various liners in fusion experiments. The breakthrough was casually disclosed that for the first time in history, a surprisingly powerful and stable neutron flux of 10 to the 10th power was achieved by MIFTI on a small machine of only 1 Mega Amperes at the University of Nevada, Reno Terawatt Facility. The title of this report is, "Ar and Kr on deuterium gas-puff staged Z-pinch implosions on a 1-MA driver: Experiment and simulation" as it appears on the May 2019 issue. A story with such strong human and financial implications is certain to have widespread media follow-up in coming months that could have a substantial impact on the market cap valuations and the price of the existing small number of US Nuclear shares.

When asked what the biggest milestone achievements have been since they first announced their breakthrough technology last year, Jerry Simmons, CEO and co-founder of both MIFTI and MIFTEC said, "In the second half of last year we did what nobody else has ever been able to do. Not even the big government projects. We made history by generating Neutron Flux in excess of 1010 from fusion power using an isotope of hydrogen from seawater instead of radioactive enriched uranium. This proves beyond any doubt that our machine can make the isotopes used in nuclear medicine (i.e. Mo-99, Tc-99m, cobalt 60, iodine, etc.). It is only a matter now of simply scaling the power or electric current flow of our machine up so we can achieve the greater Neutron Flux of 1012+. Dr. Hafiz Rahman, President and Chief Scientist and his staff at MIFTEC Labs and the University of Nevada, Reno National Terawatt Facility, tells us that our scientific experimental predictions and the device will work as designed."

Dr. Hafiz Rahman says, "To give you an idea of how advanced we are, when we achieve 1015, it will be 10,000,000,000 (ten billion) times more powerful than 105. That is more than enough power to create all the Neutron Flux we need to supply low cost radioisotopes and power for production of electricity with our compact, low cost machines."

Simmons continuing, "The machine we used at University of Nevada, Reno Terawatt Facility was a 1 MA (1 Mega Amp) machine which limited the Neutron Flux we could generate to 1010. Last year, we hired a top nuclear design engineer and he has already completed the design for our new 10 MA (10 Mega Amps) LTD-X Staged Z-Pinch Fusion Generator that is designed to generate 1015 Neutron Flux that is extremely powerful and matches or exceeds the high power of the fission reactors being used today for radioisotope production. Our new generators are small and will fit into a building close to where the radioisotopes will be used. Our generators will be only a tiny fraction of the cost of the huge nuclear fission reactors and linear accelerators, and there will be no long-term hazardous radioactive waste to contend with that is dangerous and extremely expensive. Nuclear fission reactors can cost anywhere from several hundred million dollars to several billion dollars and we estimate that our machine will sell for around 5 million dollars. Our Staged Z-Pinch LTD-X Fusion Generator will be small and compact and will require very few people to operate. The bottom line is that we will be able to deliver enormous amounts of high-quality radioisotopes for about half today's cost."

Why UCLE and MIFTEC will Revolutionize the $10 Billion Medical Radioisotope Industry

- Most importantly because UCLE/MIFTEC will be able to deliver the highest quality medical radioisotopes in enormous quantities at HALF PRICE! Is it reasonable to expect that anybody would pay double the price for the same thing?

- The LTD-X Staged Z-Pinch Fusion Generator will be very low cost to build and operate compared to all other competition.

- The LTD-X Staged Z-Pinch Fusion Generator is very small and can fit in a hospital or medical center where the Radioisotopes will be used.

- No long-term hazardous nuclear waste.

Fusion Power for the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Grid

The following chart illustrates coal as the single largest source of energy for the grid followed by renewables and natural gas. Over 2/3 of energy is produced from carbon producing fuels of coal, gas and oil.

Fusion power is the ultimate fuel source for energy because it would not only be very powerful and low cost, but it would be carbon-free and clean energy. Carbon-based fossil fuels are believed by many to be responsible for global warming and dramatic climate change that is wreaking increased havoc globally.

When commercial, fusion power would be difficult to compete with because it is designed to cost-effectively and safely meet the demand of a fast-growing global population that far exceeds the capacity of current fossil fuels and even renewables of wind and solar that are dependent on wind and sunshine. The process of nuclear fusion would for the most part be constant and without interruption, carbon-free and clean, and virtually unlimited.

Fusion Inter Stellar Propulsion Systems

In a recent interview, Jerry Simmons revealed that several years ago, Dr. Hafiz Rahman worked closely with Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb. Dr. Rahman and Teller were both Co-Chairman of the Commission for Fusion based Propulsion Systems for Inter Stellar Space Travel. The distances between stars is so vast that chemical propulsion systems are too slow to be considered. Rahman and Teller both advocated a plasma drive that would be powered by fusion energy that could achieve speeds of close to the speed of light that are essential in order to be considered for these long voyages. For example, Alpha Centauri is the closest star to our sun and it is about 4 light years away. Dr. Rahman estimates that a fusion plasma drive would be small enough to fit into a space vehicle and could make the trip in 8 years.

When the decision is made to send an unmanned flight to our closest star, it is highly likely that the MIFTI Staged Z Pinch Fusion system will be the propulsion engine of choice because there is nothing else to compete and no other technologies that are close enough to proof of concept and development.

Other Potential Uses for Staged Z Pinch Fusion Energy

The extraordinary neutron flux of the MIFTI Staged Z Pinch is believed to be useful for a number of other applications such as:

- Transmutation to decontaminate nuclear spent fuel rods.

- Gem radiation to enhance precious gems such as diamonds, emeralds and more.

- Military vehicles such as submarines and large vessels

- Creation of new man made atomic elements


This Fusion Energy technological breakthrough is so disruptive in the multi-trillion-dollar industry of electric power and other very large industries that it is difficult to project any sane level of valuations of US Nuclear shares as investors begin to figure this out and as events progress and news is disseminated.

US Nuclear owns equity interests in MIFTI and MIFTEC and also has manufacturing rights that will have enormous value once these fusion generators are constructed and in operation. Even without the interests in MIFTI and MIFTEC, US Nuclear has successful and profitable operations as an established and well respected company providing environmental monitoring equipment to the nuclear, healthcare and government operations.

US Nuclear has a total market capitalization of only about $17 million with a total outstanding number of about 17.45 million shares of which management owns about 10 million. This leaves a very small available float of a maximum of 7 million shares which are thinly traded and therefore are volatile. In terms of risk, US Nuclear has no debt and appears to be well managed, but risk always carries the element of the unknown and buyers should always conduct their due diligence.

We will leave more specific share price predictions to others, but are confident that the price will rise substantially as this world-changing story finds its way out to the investing public. Shares of US Nuclear appear highly undiscovered and undervalued. Nobody can predict future share prices with any accuracy, but US Nuclear appears to present an excellent risk to reward. The ownership and licensing deals with MIFTI and MIFTEC plus the absence of debt and continued strong growth are all evidence of sound management. With this potential for remarkably higher valuations, it would not be surprising to see shares resume a strong uptrend as investors begin to realize the underlying value and the enormous potential for growth.

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