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Publisher’s Note: EnerCom Analytics new Oil & Gas 360 Dashboards – Easy to read metrics help compare and evaluate the sustainability performance of oil and gas companies. 

EnerCom, Inc.  has been providing thoughtful energy consulting, analytics, valuation and insight to the global energy industry for more than twenty years. Our focus is on helping our clients manage to their advantages and capture recognition for their efforts. Comprehensive quantitative analysis, proprietary data and proprietary valuation models help you gain insight on how the market sees your value proposition, identify valuation gaps or brand premiums and focus on the core metrics driving your business.

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EnerCom Analytics Dashboards

EnerCom’s Oil & Gas 360 news website provides subscribers with critical data points to help investors quickly evaluate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings.

As the number of publicly traded companies adopt environmental, social and governance criteria, so has the number of investment managers looking to using ESG screens to identify investments.  Oil & Gas 360 provides a single point of access to view multiple rating agency scores for oil and gas industry companies.

Growing public expectations around Corporate Social Responsibility has increased the emphasis by investors on making investments in companies that are actively addressing ESG concerns, more focused on sustainability, and pursuing good corporate citizenship.

There is growing evidence that positive ESG activities can contribute to a company’s long-term financial performance and create competitive advantages, including a more stable and broader investor base; a lower cost of capital; Improved recruiting and employee engagement; enhanced social license to operate within communities; and deeper stakeholder loyalty.

EnerCom Analytics new Oil & Gas 360 ESG Dashboards are an invaluable tool for investors in the energy industry.

EnerCom, Inc. is the energy industry’s leading communication experts.  We can help you with investor relations and outreach, ESG strategy, media, government and stakeholder relations to effectively communicate your company’s story.  For service and Oil & Gas 360 subscription information, please contact: [email protected] 





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