November 14, 2016 - 9:02 AM EST
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MCW Energy Group Deploys Proprietary Soil Remediation Technologies Via Global Licensing & Joint Venture Initiatives

MCW Energy Group Deploys Proprietary Soil Remediation Technologies Via Global Licensing & Joint Venture Initiatives

Canada NewsWire

TORONTO, Nov. 14, 2016 /CNW/ - MCW Energy Group Limited (TSXV: MCW; OTCQX: MCWEF), ("MCW"), a clean-tech company with proprietary, environmentally-friendly, soil remediation technologies, today announced deployment of its technologies through global licensing and joint venture opportunities.

Aleksandr Blyumkin, Chairman of MCW, commented, "Our closed loop system is capable of separating hydrocarbon vapors from contaminated soil which condenses back to liquid not only with oil sands production projects, but also on  water remediation projects, and a wide range of particle materials, as gravel and fine clay.

"We've identified hundreds of large soil remediation projects which represent highly profitable margins with materials ideal for our technologies. Not only are we assisting in cleaning the environment, but we're providing JV partners and licensees.  These products provide new revenue streams generating opportunities that did not exist before MCW has begun collaboration with other like-minded enviro-friendly companies. (See MCW Press Re, "MCW & APATEQ Finalize Term Sheet For Collaboration>"

"We have successfully signed our first licensing agreements for projects in Canada and Trinidad and are now active discussions with companies and governments in Canada, the Middle East and Africa."

MCW Proven, Proprietary, Environmentally-Friendly Technology:
MCW's technology is a 'closed-loop', solvent based, extraction technology that consumes no water and does not pollute or produce gas emissions (GHG's). The technology uses a patented combination of chemical solvents and both mechanical and chemical separation systems to remove the oil from the contaminated soil. Hydrocarbons are extracted at comparatively low operating temperatures which makes the technology extremely energy efficient and economical to operate.

MCW's oil extraction process takes place in a completely closed loop system that continuously recirculates the solvent after it has extracted the oils from the contaminated soils.  The closed loop system is capable of recovering over 99% of the oil from the contaminated soils.  After the soils have been processed using MCW's technology, they are virtually solvent and hydrocarbon free. (99%)   The clean soils may be returned to where they were.  Nothing leaves the plant except oil and the leaned soil/

The technology has been proven at its facility in Utah, the world's first environmentally-friendly oil sands extraction plant. The plant has successfully produced 10,000 barrels of oil from oil sands and validates technology for future licensing and joint ventures.

Global Contaminated Soil Opportunities:
Worldwide, hydrocarbon contaminated soils are accumulating at an ever-increasing rate.  Accidental spills and leaks from pipelines and storage tanks release tremendous quantities of both oil and finished hydrocarbon products (gasoline and diesel). 

These contaminated soils pose significant risks to the health of the people living and working in the area and destroy valuable drinking water and farmland.  The evaporation of the lighter fractions of oil often leaves the soils contaminated with predominantly heavy oils and tar, which increases the difficulty of removing them from the contaminated soils.  All too many times, the contaminated soils are merely covered over and left in place.  If remediation does occur, the contaminated soils are usually dug up and reburied in a landfill at another location. 

In Alberta, Canada, MCW has identified 176 square kilometers of tailings ponds containing un-extracted hydrocarbons, bitumen, chemicals, acids and suspended solids. Alberta's tailings ponds are a major, growing environmental problem and to date, no remedial technology has been successful. MCW has tested samples from Alberta and has successfully extracted over 99% of all hydrocarbons.

Global Joint Venture and Licensing Opportunities:
MCW has already issued the rights to its technologies through its first licensee, TS Energy Ltd., a Canada-based company with projects in Canada and Trinidad and Tobago. Together with TS Energy, several remediation targets have already been identified in Alberta, Canada. MCW is actively in discussions with a number of other companies and governments globally for clean-up projects to remediate contaminated soils and sediments with a wide range of particle sizes from gravels to fine clay. Oil shale samples from several global companies have been successfully lab tested in MCW's laboratories with the same extraction results.

About MCW Energy Group Ltd.
MCW Energy Group is a clean-tech company with proprietary, environmentally-friendly, contaminated soil remediation technology. MCW is focused on value creation via the development and implementation of (i) Proprietary, environmentally—friendly oil extraction technologies and remedial tailings ponds projects solutions.  (ii) Expanding production capacities of its now operational project in Asphalt Ridge, Utah, (iii) The formation of joint venture opportunities with private and governmental entities countries who have extensive deposits and knowledge in both, oil sands/shale and gas deposits in both conventional  and unconventional projects.  MCW has a management team comprised of individuals experienced in upstream and downstream oil & gas operations.


The information in this news release includes certain information and may constitute forward-looking statements and management's views of certain events that constitutes forward-looking statements.

We seek safe harbor.

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Source: Canada Newswire (November 14, 2016 - 9:02 AM EST)

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