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Mid-Con Energy Partners presents at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference®

 During Mid-Con Energy Partners’ breakout session, management was asked the following questions:

  •  How do you balance debt reduction with your distribution on common units?
  •  Is there some sort of formula to structure wells based on LOE?
  •  What is your overall company decline rate?
  • What are you seeing with regard to acquisitions? If you see an opportunity like the recent bolt-on, would you pursue it?
  • Is this recent acquisition under active flood?
  • Are you guys looking for tertiary recovery technologies?
  • Who is the best person in the company to approach about tertiary recovery?
  • Back to the acquisition market, the eastern shelf are mainly small guys – are they in the mood to sell in this market?
  • Can you talk about how the deals you guys are seeing look from an evaluation perspective relative to production?
  • Do you think that your relationship of production to market cap is at a discount relative to the market?
  • Do these small sellers typically have a third party engineering report or anything?
  • Is there an advantage to having floods in a small four or five county area?
  • Can you talk about what has kept you guys solvent compared to competitors that have went bankrupt, and does this model work going forward?
  • Did you guys talk about the point at which you will reinstate distributions?
  • Can you talk about your hedge book this year and next year?
  • Given your guidance, the potential for debt reduction over the next four quarters is what?
  • What is your average interest rate on your loans?

You can listen to Mid-Con’s presentation by clicking here.

For the company’s second quarter results, click here.

Mid-Con Energy Partners (ticker: MCEP) is a publicly held Delaware limited partnership formed in July 2011 to own, acquire, exploit and develop producing oil and natural gas properties in North America, with a focus on Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”). The management team has industry experience, especially with waterflood projects and thus, the company’s operations focus is primarily on enhancing the development of producing oil properties through waterflooding.

Mid-Con Energy Partners owns properties in Southern Oklahoma, Northeastern Oklahoma, the Gulf Coast, and the Permian. The company has total estimated proved reserves of 19.0 MMboe. On a Boe basis, the reserves are approximately 94% oil and approximately 66% proved developed.

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