Antero Midstream GP, Antero Midstream combining
The wave of midstream consolidation continues as Antero is simplifying its corporate structure, the company announced today.

Antero Midstream GP (ticker: AMGP) will acquire Antero Midstream Partners (ticker: AM) in a cash and stock transaction. The combined company will be named Antero Midstream Corporation and will be a taxable entity, trading with the ticker AM.

AM holders will receive a combination of $3.415 in cash and 1.635 shares of the new Antero Midstream, for a combined payment of $31.41 per unit. This represents a premium of 6.5% from yesterday’s closing prices. Antero Resources (ticker: AR), which holds 53% of AM, will receive a slightly less rosy deal of $3.00 in cash and 1....

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