Jury slams Texas frac company with $100-million verdict, M&A deals proliferate, and Colorado oil and gas flirts with a setback disaster: 2018’s most read stories

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Most-Read Stories of 2018 - Oil & Gas 360

Colorado’s Oil & Gas Industry: the Prop 112-Polis Scenario Oil & Gas 360

Most-Read Stories of 2018 - Oil & Gas 360

Top ten stories calculated by readership pageviews for 2018 – Oil &Gas 360

These 10 stories caught the attention of most of our readers during the 2018 calendar year [some stories were published in late 2017]. They are ranked according to website visitor pageview data from Google Analytics:

#1Texas Jury Nails Frac Company with $101 Million Verdict

#2M&A Comes Roaring Back to U.S. E&P Companies

#3Poll Results for Colorado Prop 112-Setback, and 74-Fair Compensation

#4Amazon’s Latest: Online Retailer will Franchise Package Delivery in 18 States, Eventually Go Global

#5Unprecedented 10,000 Oil & Gas Drilling Permit Applications Stymie Wyoming

#6Texas’s Top 100 Law Firms: Out-of-State Firms Lead Growth in Texas

#7The Crucial Importance of Water Handling in Oilfield Operations – An Oil & Gas 360® Special Report

#82018: The World’s Largest Public Oil & Gas Companies

#9 EnerCom 360 Magazine – June 2018

#10With One Million Ballots In: Will Colorado Voters Stop Drilling by Voting for Proposition 112?

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