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The Good:

NAPE is one of the best meeting places in our Oil and Gas marketplace. This year was no exception. Our team from Oil & Gas 360 were able to visit with CEO’s, presidents, marketing, sales, and old friends.  What a great mix of people under one roof, and I am the guy in the suit pictured below.

NAPE Summit 2020 – The Good, the Bad, and the Upbeat - oilandgas360

Houston, TX – 2020 NAPE Summit – Attendees during Exhibit Hall at the 2020 NAPE Summit at the George R Brown Convention Center here today, Thursday February 6, 2020. Photo by © NAPE/Todd Buchanan 2020 – Exhibit Hall

I was able to sit down with David Fowler, President of Ring Energy, and review the Ring Energy performance for 2019 and the outlook for 2020. With the Wishbone acquisition last year, the Ring team was able to move the performance needle dramatically towards operating within free cash flow. They will be announcing their performance and timelines for free cash flow within the next month. David will be presenting at the EnerCom Dallas Investors Conference on Tuesday, the 11th of February.

Members from the Energy Advisors Group were happy with with the traffic in their booth. Even with the overall cloud in the industry, they were having very positive discussions around their property listings.

James Yockey, Co-Founder of Landox was very pleased with his discussions at the NAPE conference. In our conversation, James was very insightful about issues surrounding the migration of old antiquated practices into more automated and streamlined processes. Landox provides an integrated software solution providing “A clean sheet redesign of the “land system.’” Their integrations, document management, customized forms are all on a totally integrated cloud-based platform. The on-boarding of a new client takes days rather than months. This software directly fits into the demands placed on the oil and gas companies to become extremely efficient with any and all resources.

Matt Gallagher, President and CEO, Parsley Energy had a very interesting presentation surrounding the responsibilities of oil companies in this marketplace.

NAPE Summit 2020 – The Good, the Bad, and the Upbeat - oilandgas360

Matt emphasized some of the key industry issues today surrounding “The Green New Deal”. Oil and Gas companies need to take the center stage in combating environmental waste at every opportunity, and broadcast to the market that there is a “Shale New Deal”. Oil companies taking charge of their own destiny through the elimination of waste and pollution will be the survivors and best investments. Parsley has reduced it’s flaring of natural gas dramatically and are implementing processes to further reduce the environmental impact.

“We like to reconnect with our current clients and establish relationships with prospective clients. NAPE is the Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby of all networking events combined,” said Chris Atherton, president and CEO of EnergyNet, an upstream oil and gas tech-enabled A&D platform, who has attended every NAPE expo since 2002.

The International Prospects included exhibitors from Australia, Canada, Peru, Hungary, Romania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mike Lakin, Managing Director, from Envoi Limited, London was a pure delight to visit with. “The Permian is not the only oil field in the world”. Mike has been in business for several decades with deals around the world. We as Americans need to look at the energy space through the world view more often.

“We’ve attended NAPE for over 20 years and we’ve always participated in the international forums,” said Tom Bernecker, director — Energy Resources Advice and Promotion at Geoscience Australia. “We find it helpful to attract attention to our booth. After our presentations, people come to our booth for follow-up information.”

Also on Thursday, the annual NAPE Summit Charities Luncheon honoring our nation’s heroes featured former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley as keynote speaker. Ambassador Haley candidly answered questions from NAPE Advisory Board Chairman Carl D. Campbell, CPL, about her early life and its impact on her call to service, her time in the South Carolina House of Representatives and her tenure as the first female governor of South Carolina, where she presided over an expanding state economy but also dealt with the Charleston Church tragedy and removal of the Confederate flag on statehouse grounds. In addition, she discussed her work as U.N. ambassador and shared her insights on current threats to the U.S. and the best ways to address them.

The Bad

In almost every conversation there was a cloud hanging over 2020 in the Energy Market. There is a change coming, and those that can adapt will survive. Those that survive will be stronger and leaner. Everyone talked about the mergers, and the amount of jobs that would be lost due to the M&A activity on the horizon. We could see our E&P companies drop 40% in number through the M&A and bankruptcies.

The Upbeat

 The American spirit is alive and well in the Energy, and Oil & Gas space. While there are clouds on the horizon, everyone had a positive “We can do it” attitude. No matter what is thrown at our marketplace, we will rise to keep our country energy independent.

There is also an environment of empowerment to stand up for what is the truth behind Energy. We need to educate the people that do not understand that their lives are 100% effected positively by the oil and gas producers. Just try to text your buddy from a rock.

I for one, am proud to be in the Energy, and Oil & Gas market. (even a small part) – Stu Turley, Publisher, Oil & Gas 360


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