Netherland Sewell & Associates (NSAI) will wrap up its slate of 2018 Oil & Gas Property Evaluation Seminars with a 2-day seminar in Mexico City on September 5-6, 2018.

The seminar will be held at the Centro Asturiano Polanco, with presentation and materials in Spanish. “We are very excited to introduce the NSAI Oil & Gas Property Evaluation seminars to Mexico,” said NSAI SVP & CFO Scott Frost. “With the country opening its hydrocarbon sector to foreign investors and international partners, the time is right for NSAI to host a seminar in Mexico.”

The Netherland Sewell seminars are designed to deliver a basic understanding of the upstream oil and gas industry, specifically for financial professionals.

Scott Rees, NSAI Chairman and CEO, told Oil & Gas 360® that the firm has graduated about 6,500 people during 38 cumulative years of seminars in Dallas, London, and Singapore. “We are glad to be adding Mexico City to that list,” Rees said.

The two-day seminars are designed to help energy finance professionals gain a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the evaluation of hydrocarbon reserves and learn how to use reserves reports and studies. Participants can expect to gain a basic understanding of the upstream oil and gas industry, including basic geology of different plays, reservoir evaluation basics, reserves and resources definitions, understanding hydrocarbons-in-place, recovery factors and rates, operating expenses and capital costs, and more.

The seminar speakers are NSAI professionals who have significant career expertise in reserves determination methods, the economics of hydrocarbon extraction, and petroleum geology. The seminars are popular with financial institutions that invest in energy development as well as banks that are involved in making lending decisions for oil and gas exploration and production projects.

NSAI encourages energy industry and oil and gas financial professionals to pass this information on to colleagues who may benefit from attending. “We are excited about the opportunity to meet again with petroleum industry financial professionals and would like to thank you for recommending our seminars to your colleagues,” said NSAI SVP Joseph Spellman.

Interested parties may learn more and register at NSAI’s website.


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