At EnerCom Dallas, BetaZi founder and CEO Janette Conradson made her point in a way just about any oil and gas property analysis team that’s comparing wells and looking at future production can relate to.

“You can cut through a lot of noise using technology,” Conradson said.

Conradson was talking about the process of looking at an asset, trying to assess its true value in a data room. Conradson said all the technical and performance data on all the wells in all the different data rooms is being presented differently. And that every state and every county reports data differently. That’s a lot of noise to cut through.

Conradson said her company’s product unifies the data. “We see all the data rooms in all the companies in the exact same way,” she said. “Here’s every well in the SCOOP/STACK reloaded using a visualizing tool—19,000 wells. I can click on any well and see the full distribution of oil, gas and water. You can see the full value of the well in a few clicks.”

Conradson’s California-based company BetaZi has put together a data-linked asset analysis and production forecasting tool that’s being used by oil companies and banks. “Be very demanding of the model you are using,” she told a large room full of institutional investors, bankers and E&P management teams at the EnerCom Dallas oil and gas investment conference this week. “With this tool, in seconds you’ll get the forecast back.”

The New Data Room

“How people assemble data rooms can be changed.” And BetaZi’s technology shows you what you are getting into. “We show you the whole life of the well. It is instant.”

Conradson said data is provided by TGS, as they have in BetaZi’s opinion the best, cleanest data with a solid allocation model.

Conradson will be demonstrating her company’s well data and production forecasting technology on Feb. 23, 2018 at EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Conference at the Tower Club, downtown Dallas. Register for the conference on line at It’s free for oil companies and investors to attend. Doors open at 7:00 a.m.

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