GOM ranks 11th in U.S. for gas output, 2nd for oil
The Gulf of Mexico was historically one of the most important gas-producing regions in the U.S. From 1997, when the EIA began tracking Gulf gas output, through 2005 the GOM was second only to Texas in gas production in the U.S. The Gulf produced an average of 14.3 Bcf/d in 1997, though output declined after early 1998.

While the Gulf fell below Alaska in 2005 due to natural declines in production, the shale revolution exacerbated the problem, as fields like the Marcellus, Barnett and Eagle Ford could effectively compete with the Gulf for gas development capital.

Source: EIA

The Gulf has produced an average of 2.6 Bcf/d so far this year, behind ten other states. However, new fields...

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