The Nord Stream Pipeline delivered 51 billion cubic meters (Bcm) of natural gas to consumers in the European Union in 2017.

This means that the pipeline system operated at 93% of its annual design capacity of 55 Bcm. This is the highest utilization since the start of operation of the Nord Stream Pipeline System, the company said in a statement.

According to Nord Stream AG, since the commissioning of Line 1 in Nov. 2011, Nord Stream has reliably and safely fulfilled all transport nominations without interruptions.

Additionally, Line 2 started operating in Oct. 2012. After six years of operation, the pipeline delivered a total volume of 200 Bcm in Nov. 2017. Until the end of 2017, the total volume of gas transported to the European Union reached 205.3 Bcm.

Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Sends 51 Bcm to EU

Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 Pipelines

The Nord Stream Pipeline is a twin pipeline system that runs through the Baltic Sea with a length of about 1,200 kilometers. The pipeline stretches from Vyborg, Russia to Lubmin, near Greifswald, Germany.

Nord Stream is a joint project involving five major companies: OAO Gazprom (51%), Wintershall Holding GmbH (a BASF subsidiary), PEG Infrastruktur AG (PEGI/E.ON subsidiary), N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie and ENGIE.

As a key part of gas supply infrastructure, the pipeline offers the shortest connection between the gas reserves in Russia and energy markets in the European Union. Upon arrival in Germany, the gas is further transferred to neighboring countries via the connecting pipelines NEL and OPAL.

Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 AG is a project company established for planning, construction and subsequent operation of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. The company is based in Zug, Switzerland and owned by Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC) Gazprom. Nord Stream 2 AG signed financing agreements for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project with ENGIE, OMV, Shell, Uniper and Wintershall. The upcoming Nord Stream 2 project is covered here.

Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Sends 51 Bcm to EU

Source: Nord Stream AG

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