February 17, 2016 - 6:05 AM EST
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NORTHCOTE ENERGY LIMITED - Update on Oklahoma Operations & Asset Sales Process

Northcote Energy Ltd / Index: AIM / Epic: NCT / ISIN: VGG6622A1057 / Sector: Oil & Gas

17 February 2016

Northcote Energy Ltd

(‘Northcote’ or ‘the Company’)

Update on Oklahoma Operations & Asset Sales Process

Northcote Energy provides an update on its oil and gas portfolio in Oklahoma.  This includes the non-core Horizon and OKE properties as well as the Zink Ranch project which remains of interest for future development (together the ‘Oklahoma Portfolio’).  Daily production from the Oklahoma Portfolio averaged 16.4 barrels of oil and 135.4 mcf of natural gas or, on a 6 mcf per 1 barrel of equivalent (BOE) basis, 39 BOE/d in December 2015 net to Northcote (gross of 76 BOE/d equivalent).

Over recent months, the Company has been in discussions with various parties who have expressed interest in acquiring its Oklahoma Portfolio.  Due to the current oil price market, the challenging financing backdrop for E&P companies, and the presence of many distressed assets owned by large public shale companies, the Board recognises that achieving an outright sale at reasonable values is challenging.  Therefore the focus of the Company has shifted toward discussions regarding a joint venture to bring in outside capital and expertise in the development of mature oil fields.  These discussions are continuing and the Company looks forward to updating the market in due course.

With this in mind, Northcote has appointed Jay Wettig as Vice President - Oklahoma Operations to focus on maximising value from the entire Oklahoma portfolio.  Mr. Wettig has extensive experience in delivering operational and financial improvements in a number of industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, logistics and consumer related businesses.  His focus will be on:

  • Cost cutting and restructuring of the Oklahoma operations to significantly improve the production and financial performance of the assets in the current price environment
  • Continued exploration of exit opportunities for the non-core assets
  • Evaluation of partnering opportunities and development plans at Zink Ranch

A thorough evaluation of the Oklahoma Portfolio, led by Mr. Wettig, is underway with recommendations to be provided to the Board later this month.  As part of this evaluation specific attention is being focused on Zink Ranch to evaluate the potential of the property in a sustained US$50 oil price environment.

Northcote CEO, Randall J. Connally said, "We are excited about the addition of Mr. Wettig to our management team.  He brings a lot of hands-on experience and energy to the task of maximising value from the Oklahoma portfolio whether that is through an eventual sale or continued development of certain of the assets.  I look forward to reporting back to the market in due course after the Board has a chance to digest the evaluation Mr. Wettig is leading."


For further information visit www.northcoteenergy.com or contact the following:

Randy Connally Northcote Energy Ltd +1 214 550 5082
Ross Warner Northcote Energy Ltd +44 7760 487 769
Roland Cornish Beaumont Cornish Ltd +44 20 7628 3396
James Biddle Beaumont Cornish Ltd +44 20 7628 3396
Elliot Hance Beaufort Securities Ltd +44 20 7382 8300
Nick Bealer Cornhill Capital Limited +44 20 7710 9612
Elisabeth Cowell St Brides Partners Limited +44 20 7236 1177


Northcote Energy Limited is an entrepreneurial energy company with diverse interests.  The Company combines a portfolio of US exploration and production assets in Louisiana and Oklahoma with the development of new business opportunities in the US and also in Mexico as well as Indonesia via a strategic relationship with Andalas Energy & Power Plc.

A summary of Northcote’s interests in the Oklahoma Portfolio is set out below:

Horizon Leases Net Revenue and ORRI Interests
Northcote Oklahoma, LLC NCT Min NAP USA Inc.
Steele #2-11H 38.15% 0.78% 2.23% 19.06% 1.72% 61.94%
Steinberger 1H-10 38.15% 0.78% 2.23% 19.06% 1.72% 61.94%
Mathis Other (Multiple) 53.00% na 2.19% 23.40% na 78.59%
MS1 (Little Drum 1H-16; Sarah Elizabeth 1H-17) 42.50% 0.68% 2.23% 16.85% na 62.26%
MS2 (West Little Drum 1H-16; Lauren Blaire 1-18H) 39.23% 0.77% 2.10% 16.59% na 58.70%
BH1 (Big Hill 1H-12) 57.70% 1.09% 2.23% na na 61.03%
Burkhart #3 24.44% na 1.85% na na 26.28%
Northcote Oklahoma, LLC NCT Min NAP USA Inc.
Steele #2-11H 34.65% 0.78% 2.23% 19.06% 1.72% 58.43%
Steinberger 1H-10 38.15% 0.78% 2.23% 19.06% 1.72% 61.94%
MS (MS1 & MS2) 40.87% 0.72% 2.10% 16.72% na 60.42%
BH (BH1, BH2 & BH4) 57.70% 1.09% 2.23% na na 61.03%
MS1 42.50% 0.68% na 16.85% na 60.03%
MS2 39.23% 0.77% na 16.59% na 56.60%
  • Northcote has a uniform 100% working interest and 82.5% net revenue interest in the OKE Project which contributed no production in December 2015; and,
  • Northcote has a uniform 85% working interest and 66.3% net revenue interest in the Zink Ranch leases which contributed gross production of 6.9 barrels of oil per day and 42.6 mcf per day or 14 barrels of oil equivalent in December 2015.

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