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In its open meeting today the Railroad Commission of Texas (Commission), in recognition of the unprecedented national and global economic conditions currently impacting the oil and gas industry, took action to provide relief in the form of temporary exceptions to certain administrative rules. Pursuant to item no. 189 on today’s conference agenda, the Commission adopted three orders outlining the temporary exceptions.

  • 16 Texas Administrative Code § 3.8(d)(4)(H): An exception regarding the amount of time allowed to dewater, backfill and compact certain pits.
  • 16 Texas Administrative Code § 3.13(d): An exception regarding the amount of time for which alternate tubing/casing programs may be granted.
  • 16 Texas Administrative Code § 3.14(b)(2): An exception regarding the amount of time to commence plugging operations on dry or inactive wells.
  • 16 Texas Administrative Code § 3.78: Exceptions regarding the filing fees and surcharges for Commission Forms H-1, H-4, P-17, W-3C and W-14.
  • 16 Texas Administrative Code § 3.95: An exception authorizing underground hydrocarbon storage facility located in a geological formation other than an underground salt formation.
  • 16 Texas Administrative Code § 3.107(b): An exception regarding recommended minimum penalties.

To view the full notice, visit the RRC website at https://www.rrc.texas.gov/media/57599/notice-to-operators_05-05-2020.pdf.

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