Oil & Gas 360® readers include a few surprise visitors

In the six years since its founding, Oil & Gas 360® (www.OilandGas360.com) has grown from zero to more than two million total pageviews (as of March 21, 2016).

Oil & Gas 360-pageview-growth-03-2016Oil & Gas 360® is written as an online financial publication that delivers oil and gas industry news, company earnings and operational news, and financial data to upstream, midstream and OilService executives, in addition to portfolio managers and analysts at buyside institutions, bankers and analysts at sellside firms, commercial bankers, private equity firms and hedge funds.

Readership is driven in large part by EnerCom’s end-of-day news and closing commodities report whose readership is fast approaching 30,000 subscribers. Known as “Closing Bell Report,” this daily email along with Oil & Gas 360® are EnerCom’s flagship communication conduits to the oil and gas c-suite and institutional investors.

The subscribers of “Closing Bell” break down as follows:

  • 57% Oil & Gas Senior Executives, Board Members, Engineering Professionals
  • 18% Buyside Institutions
  • 14% Sellside Institutions
  • 7% High Net Worth Investors
  • 4% Government Officials, Regulators, Media, Ratings Agencies, Research Firms, Professional Firms, Universities and Consulting Firms

In a 2016 readership survey, 91% of respondents said they read Closing Bell every day, or at least 2-3 times a week.

Growth of 33% in Four Months

Pageviews on Oil & Gas 360® grew by 33% in the four months between Nov. 25, 2015, (when Oil & Gas 360® registered its 1.5 millionth pageview) through March 21, 2016, when pageviews crossed 2,000,000.

Here’s how Oil & Gas 360® acquires most of its visitors:

  • 40% – from email distributions (“Closing Bell Report,” “MLP Scorecard,” “Crude Oil Cuttings,” and “Natural Gas Round-Up”)
  • 33% – from Search Engines
  • 14% – direct (people who typed in OilandGas360.com )
  • 9% – referrals from other Websites (including Yahoo Finance, Google News, etc.)
  • 4% – from Social Media websites

Who’s Reading “360”?

The Oil & Gas 360® audience is worldwide:

  • 73% U.S.
  • 9% Canada
  • 6% Asia Pacific
  • 4% EU
  • 3% UK
  • 1% Middle East/OPEC

After a recent review of Oil & Gas 360®’s visitors, we were pleased to know that in addition to the people making the decisions for the world’s oil and gas companies (and those making energy investment decisions on Wall Street), our readers also include multiple members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Office of the President of the United States, the State Department, the European Commission, the Russian Federation, and the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Who knew?

The mission of Oil & Gas 360® is to provide “robust media for a global, oil savvy audience.” We pledge to continue.


Tip: Use the OAG 360 Search Bar

Oil & Gas 360®’s search bar will give you fast access to a lot of data.

For example if you type in a simple term, such as a company’s first name, you’ll get a quick listing of everything the site has archived for that company, newest articles first.

Example: try typing in the word Samson (for Samson Oil & Gas stories). The search should display 126 results, with today’s press release on top.  

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