New Oil & Gas 360® Users Accelerate Rapidly During the Past 12 Months

In 2010, EnerCom Inc. launched The idea was to bring oil and gas data and insight to a global audience of oil and gas company leaders and investment professionals that invest and follow the dynamic oil and gas industry.

Greg Barnett, President, EnerCom Inc. - Oil & Gas 360

Greg Barnett, President, EnerCom Inc.

“The idea germinated from our consulting practice,” said Greg Barnett, EnerCom’s president.  “We were asked for our opinion on a variety of industry-centric and capital markets projects and topics.  Oil & Gas 360® was created to provide a platform to exchange information and analysis with a highly targeted, global oil and gas financial and operating audience.

“In the beginning, we were posting 10 stories a month.  From our analysis and readership feedback, Oil & Gas 360® has grown into a full-blown online financial and industry news organization, writing for institutional investors, fund managers, analysts and individual investors, as well as professionals in the E&P, midstream and oilfield service sectors of the global oil and gas industry.”

The website now publishes approximately 150 original stories each month about companies, plays, basins, trends, discoveries, commodities, geopolitics, drilling and completion technologies, and executive interviews with C-level executives, governors, economists and other energy industry experts.

In addition there are multiple locations on the website where energy companies’ news releases are posted and where media coverage about companies in the sector may be found. Other features include “My Watchlist” an interactive portfolio tracker, stock search, commodities prices, printable company analytic sheets, company webcasts and “Chart of the Week.”  Special featured sections on the home page highlight E&P, Midstream/MLPs and Canada.

Today Oil & Gas 360® includes a full-time dedicated editor, two full-time business reporters and a team of web designers.

1,000,000 Pageviews

“Pageviews and unique visitors have more than tripled in the past 12 months, and this growth trajectory has us on pace to achieve a second million pageviews in the next 18 months,” Barnett said. “We’re not trying to be CNN. We’re a dedicated group of journalists and financial people who stay laser-focused on the financial performance and key operational aspects of a global industry.”

End of Day Email News Wrap: “Closing Bell”

Another rapidly growing aspect of Oil & Gas 360® is “Closing Bell Report,” a quick-to-read, mobile-friendly email summary of the day’s oil and gas stories and energy financial news, company results, new investor presentations, commodities prices, closing indices and other energy data. The subscriber count for “Closing Bell Report” has risen more than 120% in the last year.

“From a standing stop to now, the progression of the site, content growth and our mobility aspects are gratifying,” Barnett said.  “In a recent survey, our readership provided several new ideas for us to develop for the website. These correspond with what we want for Oil & Gas 360® to be: ‘The trusted site that you use when you need oil and gas news.’

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How to get the Most from Oil & Gas 360®

How to get the most from Oil & Gas 360

How to get the most from

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