A crew member from an offshore support vessel died after the vessel collided with an oil platform offshore Sarawak, Malaysia.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) head, Mohamad Zubil Mat Som, said in a statement on Tuesday that the anchor cables of the Dayang Topaz vessel disconnected due to bad weather.

This caused the vessel to drift and collide with the Baram B oil platform, he said.

Dayang-Topaz-source-Malaysian-Maritime-Enforcement-Agency-one dead - 124 rescued -oilandgas360

The Dayang Topaz vessel; Source: Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

The crew member who died jumped off the vessel after the collision, along with 124 other crew members who were later rescued from the sea.

Those crew members were later saved by rescue vessels and taken to the Miri port. However, 62 members stayed on board the vessel.

The damaged vessel will also be taken to the port.

The oil platform is operated by the state-owned oil and gas giant Petronas.

One dead after offshore support vessel hits oil platform off Malaysia - 124 later rescued -oilandgas360

From the Twitter Account: Mohd Zubil Mat Som

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