Overall production down 3 MBOPD in flat month
By Richard Rostad, analyst, Oil & Gas 360

OPEC production was nearly flat in April, as the wild swings seen in different cartel members cancelled each other out, according to the group’s Monthly Oil Market Report.

Overall OPEC production fell by only 3 MBOPD in April, meaning the group produced 30,031 MBOPD in the month.
Saudi Arabia, Iran see output fall
Saudi Arabian production continued to drop in April, as the country works to prop up oil prices. The OPEC leader cut 45 MBOPD in the month, a smaller decline than the 315 MBOPD that came offline in March. Saudi Arabia is now producing 9.74 MMBOPD, the lowest output since January 2015 according to Bloomberg.

The largest decline c...

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