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At least 200 gas stations affected

And it’s not just Edmonton’s pumps that are covered in yellow tape — analyst Dan McTeague said there could be as many as 200 stations in Western Canada sitting empty.

McTeague said the refinery that went down processes 140,000 barrels of oil a day and supplies gas to cities in interior British Columbia and as far away as Thunder Bay, Ont.

The longer it takes Suncor to resume operations, the greater the impact on the company’s revenues.

“The likelihood is there has been at least 200 stations affected or more, and of course that will mean some serious catching up to do by Suncor, given the large area which that refinery covers,” McTeague said.

Any major increase in gas prices has more to do with supply from the U.S., he said, where supply is dire and demand continues to be very high.

In the meantime, McTeague said Suncor will likely have to buy gasoline from other producers, which will come at a premium.

Considering demand is higher in the summer, he said the shortage could spread to other stations too.

“During the summer when it’s high demand, it’s never a good time to have a refinery go down,” he said.

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