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11.03.20 Q3 Results and Merger Integration Update Video

Hello everyone. We’re doing a video today in place of the town hall to talk about the Q3 results, and update on the merger. So myself and David Harris are going to give you an update on everything that’s going on talk a little bit about the quarter, talk about the transition, potential timing of the merger, etc. So appreciate all of you tuning in to this today, those of you in the office and in the field, I hope you’re all staying safe with all the challenges that are going on out there.

So let’s talk a little bit about where we are as a company. Obviously, still we’re in this pandemic and it’s still a challenging environment from a commodity price standpoint and as we’re recording this, our oil is sitting at high 30’s or so, close to $40 a barrel. Natural gas has actually recovered a little bit, it’s up around $3 an mcf, so a little healthier outlook there. But still obviously overall a challenged environment for the industry. We are hopeful at things are going to improve significantly. It is tied to results, we’re going to be tied to the pandemic, whenever we get a vaccine or whatever allows people to feel comfortable to travel more and demand coming up which will lead to eventually, we think a healthy recovery in oil and gas prices. And certainly the industry has gotten the word about needing to not grow production into this more challenged environment. We’re one of the leaders in our efforts in the new cash return model that we’ve been talking about to the entire industry. Others are now talking about it more. But we’re getting a lot of credit for our transition to not grow but return more cash to shareholders, which is really what they’re looking for in this environment.

So having said that, it’s nice to have a great model, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you can deliver on the operational side. And boy has everybody been delivering on the operational side. It’s a challenging year. If you look at the results and we certainly saw it again with the Q3 results, really outstanding performance with our oil production coming in at 6,000 plus barrels per day above guidance, capital costs coming in below guidance, lease operating expense, gathering, processing and transportation expense coming in below guidance, significant progress on the G&A front. It was really a quarter where we clicked on all cylinders. And thank you to all of you in this challenged environment to deliver these kind of outstanding results. We generated a significant free cash flow in the quarter on the order of about $223 million dollars and we closed on the Barnett transaction and declared a special dividend for the shareholders. All just really positive steps again really, really good stuff in the middle of a very difficult environment. So you know the stock overall remains challenged, but we did outperform the peers by about 5% on the day of the call. And getting a lot of credit from the analysts out there also recognizing the transformation that is taking place here at Devon and the outstanding results that you’re delivering. So, again thank you all very much for all these results.

And just a quick word on where we stand on the merger and then I’ll turn it over to David to talk more on the specifics on the transition. We have gotten clearance on what’s called HSR filing, Hart-Scott-Rodino filing, and the next step is to file the proxy and that’s going to be filed imminently. Frankly, by the time you see this video it may have been filed. That’s going to be filed imminently. And then we enter into a period where there’s a little bit of uncertainty as to what the exact timing will be. It depends on what the Securities and Exchange Commission. Do they want to review the proxy, how much they want to review the proxy? And so the timing there is a little bit uncertain.

We think it’s most likely the transaction will close somewhere around the end of the year. But it could be a little bit soon or a little bit later. It just depends on how much time the SEC takes to review it. Everything is proceeding extremely well, and we’re excited to emerge as a combined company between Devon and WPX. So, David you want to talk a bit more specifics about the transition and what’s going on?

You bet Dave, I’d love to. Before I do that I do want to reiterate what you said about the outstanding performance and just thank everybody and all of our teams for all their doing to contribute to that performance, it takes all of us and you’re all doing a fantastic job putting us in a great position to carry on the operational momentum we’ve built up and excited about what that means as we look ahead into 2021. So, thank you again for all that you’re doing there.

In terms of the merger. We’ve been providing some more regularly updates. Obviously we know everybody has a lot of questions about what the next steps are, how does the integration work, etc. The fundamental point is, given the structure of the merger transaction rather than an acquisition, we’re going to be doing this in a really collaborative way with the teams from both Devon and WPX. And so a couple of weeks ago, we communicated the integration steering committee members which are made up of executives from both of the separate companies.


And then last week, we laid out sort of really how the work is going to get done and where the responsibilities and accountabilities are going to be. And so, the overall integration effort is going to be co-led by myself and Clay Gaspar from WPX and then we’ve named five teams that are pretty fundamental teams that are going to be guiding some workflows and those will be co-led by members of both the Devon and WPX team separately.

As you may have read last Friday when we announced this our leads from our side are Aaron Ketter, Alana Tetrick, Trey Lowe, Cathy Lebsack, Jenni Stevens. And I’ve had a chance to interact with some of the team members but not all from the WPX side but have been really impressed with them. And I’ve got to tell you that I’m really excited about where we ended up about that group of co-leaders for those important teams and workstreams. I think we have a really good set of co-leaders with a set of skills who will work well together.

As we move forward, we’re getting into more detailed planning for what we call Day 1. Would expect that we’ll stand up some additional teams and additional responsibilities from functional areas to help coordinate making sure we have a seamless transition here following the closing. Those groups will be working with some of those teams that are co-led by folks that I may have mentioned. So anticipate that we’ll have more to share on that front. And more updates on the integration on a weekly cadence typically on Fridays that we’ve laid out.

One thing I would share with you. You know we’re not in a position to provide specifics answers to all of the questions that you have, but we are going to stay committed to communicate with you as regularly as we can with the updates that we have. And the one thing I would share is we’re not naive, we have a lot of hard work ahead of us from an integration perspective, but I’m really encouraged by what I’m seeing from the collective team that’s working this from the Devon and WPX side. The conversations have been highly constructive, productive. Everybody wanting to do the right thing and get to the right answer for the go forward Devon and even though we have a lot of work, I am excited about the work we’re going to do and the prospect of building an even better company as we move forward into 2021.

So as we have more updates, we’ll share those with you either via Strata or by video here in the coming weeks and look forward to providing those updates when we have them.

Great, thanks David. As you said, the teams are making good progress, it’s still early days, they’re very focused, we have great representatives on the team. There going to be some challenges no doubt as we go through the process, but I’m confident we have a great team to work through that along with a great team from the WPX side and the cultures are well-aligned, so we’ll make it work.

You know obviously, 2020 has been a year of incredible challenges. You think about it started with the pandemic that hit us, the demand loss which led to the commodity price challenges, add in social unrest that happened, we’ve had more directly with us we have industry consolidation, G&A reductions and now even recently for a lot of people even an ice storm to deal with.

So we now you’re going through a lot and dealing with a lot. And we certainly want to be as flexible as we can to help you work through all of the challenges as you’re facing balancing your professional and your personal life. So hopefully you’re having enough flexibility to make everything work. If you do have any concerns, please reach out to your manager or your HR partner and see what we can do to help you cope. Because you guys are delivering results, bottom-line, you’re delivering results and we want to honor and respect the flexibility that you need in order to deal with your personal situation as well as manage things here at work.

Just keep in mind also that the Devon workplaces, wherever you are located are probably amongst the safest places you might be. So we’ve had really minimal COVID issue arise from business situation. So feel very confident that we have safe workplaces. If you ever have any concern about the practices that are going on, be sure to raise those.

We’re also mindful that the holidays coming up and there’s going to be a lot of interaction with family and friends during that time so we hope that you can keep in mind and help everybody you interact with to follow the same kind of safety practices that we’re trying to practice here at work.

So again, thank you very much for the video, for listening to this video. Thank you very much for all that you’re to deliver the great results. Please be safe. Take care of yourself, take care of your family. And we will certainly be in touch as additional things develop. Thank You.

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