Stolt LNGaz receives approval from Quebec government for new LNG plant


Source: Stolt LNGaz

The Quebec government yesterday approved the Stolt LNGaz natural gas liquefaction plant in Becancour, Quebec. The LNG project will produce 500,000 tons of LNG to be distributed to customers in Quebec that are not currently serviced by natural gas pipelines. The Stolt LNGaz project is valued at approximately C$800 million (approximately US$600 million), according to the company press release.

The plant will consist of two liquefaction units, a storage unit with capacity for 50,000 cubic meters of LNG and facilities to load the LNG onto ships. According to the company’s website, the project should generate more than 250 jobs in Becancour during construction and an additional 50 direct jobs once the plant begins operations.

During the press conference, which was attended by Quebec Premier Philippe Couilard and Quebec Minister of Energy and natural resources Pierre Arcand, Stolt LNGaz also announced partnerships with two partners as well. The company will be working with Petro-Nav, which specializes in the maritime transport of bulk liquids, and Servitank, a company specialized in the warehousing and delivery of bulk products and hazardous materials.

“Beginning in 2018, the Stolt LNGaz project will provide a safe, reliable access to large quantities of LNG. This will enable all businesses not served by the traditional natural gas grid to be more competitive and cost-effective while significantly improving their environmental performance, thus helping to meet the Quebec government’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction objectives,” the company said in its press release.

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