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Company Enters into Additional Hedges for 2020

Ring Energy, Inc. -Midland, Texas- (NYSE American: REI) (“Ring”) (“Company”) announced today it completed the scheduled fall 2019 redetermination evaluation of its $1 billion senior credit facility. The Company entered into an amendment to the senior credit facility as part of the scheduled fall redetermination. The amendment reaffirmed the immediate borrowing base at $425 million and required the Company, as it has been required in the past, to enter into additional hedges for 2020 and 2021. The next redetermination evaluation is scheduled for May 2020.

Ring Energy, Inc. announces completion of fall 2019 redetermination of its senior credit facility- oil and gas 360

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The Company announced it had entered into additional hedges for 2020 in the form of collars of WTI Crude Oil prices, with an offsetting put option (“floor”) and call option (“ceiling”). The new hedges are for a total of 3,500 barrels of oil per day (“BOPD”), bringing the total amount of oil hedged for 2020 to 5,500 BOPD. The following table provides the details of the new hedges that have been put in place:


Put Price

Call Price










With the additional hedges in place, the 5,500 BOPD hedged by the Company for 2020 have a floor of $50.00 and an average ceiling of $61.06. Management stated they have satisfied the amendment requirements for 2020 and are actively watching the pricing for 2021 hedges and anticipate entering into hedges for 2021 in the near future.

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Ring Energy, Inc. is an oil and gas exploration, development and production company with current operations in Texas and New Mexico.

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