Total U.S. rig count up by one; but Oklahoma adds seven rigs

Drilling activity increased slightly in the U.S. this week, according to the latest edition of Baker Hughes’ Weekly Rig Count.

There was little change in rig count overall, with only a net one rig beginning operations. This rig was land based, and inland waters and offshore activity held flat, meaning there are now 1,029 land, five inland waters and 20 offshore rigs drilling in the U.S.

Operations shifted toward gas targets this week, with three gas rigs beginning operations, while three oil rigs shut down. This is the largest net shift toward gas since March, as most weeks see oil increasing in prominence. One miscellaneous rig also began drilling this week; a total of 863 oil, 189 gas and two miscellaneous rigs are currently operating.

Drilling activity shifted in favor of horizontal drilling this week, reversing last week’s decline. Three horizontal rigs began drilling this week, while directional activity was constant and two vertical rigs came offline. There are currently 922 horizontal, 69 directional and 63 vertical rigs actively drilling in the country.

Individual states saw widespread changes in rig count, despite the minor change overall. Five rigs began drilling in Oklahoma, meaning there are now 141 rigs active in the state. This is only one less that the post-downturn high of 142 seen in early June. One rig also came online in Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana and Utah, while one shut down in Wyoming and Nevada. Two rigs also stopped drilling in California, New Mexico and Texas.

The Cana Woodford saw an even larger increase in activity than Oklahoma overall, with seven rigs beginning operations. Two rigs also began drilling in the Haynesville and one came online in the Ardmore Woodford and DJ-Niobrara. One rig ceased operations in the Granite Wash, while two stopped drilling in the Permian.

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