11.9 million barrels per day is now being produced by U.S. deposits
Preliminary data indicate that the U.S. is currently producing 11.9 MMBOPD, an unprecedented output rate.

U.S. crude oil production has accelerated so far ahead of schedule, so fast, that all the previous predictions are nothing more than throw-away snapshots of the industry. it’s stunning just how far ahead of predictions that U.S. shale producers have galloped this wild thoroughbred.
Grew by 2 million daily barrels in one year
In mid-January 2018, the U.S. was producing 9.88 MMBOPD, indicating nationwide oil output has grown by 2 MMBOPD in a single year. This growth rate is astounding, and absolute growth has exceeded even the levels seen before the 2014 downturn. More f...

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